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Top 10 Best Ways to Find Part-Time Jobs in 2014-15

Imagine having an extra 15 hours a week to spend with your family member, and get chores done. It’s a dream never come true for many housewives and students. Whether you’re a student focusing on studies during the daytime or a stay-at-home mother ready to search a part-time job, you always want the best. Fortunately, several platforms have sprung up to match the requirements of job hunters.

Here are the top 10 best ways to find part-time jobs in 2014-15:

10. Flexforce Professionals

Flexforce Professionals is a great platform for those looking for jobs in Washington. Flexforce Professionals is a staffing firm that offers jobs to professionals of law, human resource, finance and business studies. Creating an account at this website is very easy; register and upload your resume to receive job notifications directly in your email box.

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9. Join Marketplaces

When a marketplace receives job requisitions matching your skills and educational background, it sends alert messages quickly. You’ll go through the screening process, which includes in-person interviews, references and background checks before getting hired.

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8. On-Ramps

On-Ramps is a New York-based recruiting and consulting website. It daily receives job notifications from multiple brands and companies both at national and international level. As soon as a job is posted in its database, you can search and apply.

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7. Look at Olx

Usually the job hunters can find part-time, project-based, and full-time jobs. You’ll have to register an account and upload your resume, giving your personal information, contact details and city of resistance.

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6. Flexible Resources

Flexible Resources has been into business for 20-years. So far, this website has recruited candidates in part-time, project-based, and full-time positions. You can submit your CV to any of their nearest offices or via their online database to receive alerts. Multiple companies offer jobs to the most suitable and highly qualified candidates via this platform.

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5. Flexible Executives

Flexible Executives, based in Atlanta, is a perfect math for part-time job seekers. It has plenty of work-at-home projects like writing, SEO, web designing, virtual assistance and others. You’ll have to pay one-time application fee that covers resume verification charges.

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4. FlexWork Connection

FlexWork Connection is a great recruiting website that places both inexperienced and experienced graduates. The company offers tons of jobs with flexible working hours and high-pays. In order to maximize your chances of hiring by FlexWork, you’ve to make sure that you hold at least a graduate degree with first division.

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3. Develop Direct Links

Opportunities for business, computer, and science experts remain available throughout the year; so you can register instantly and maintain your profile to get hired.

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2. The Career Partners

The Career Partners recruits only the competitive candidates to fill professional positions. Being a part of this company, you can make over USD100,000 a year. The company gives preference to professionals with high experience for senior level positions; but for part-time job seekers, it offers multiple projects with flexible working hours.

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1. Look for Multiple Online Resources

You can browse job share opportunities at this website. If you’re placed, you’ll have to pay some part of your salary for their multiple coaching services that aim to ensure your job success.

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For most women and students, going part-time means accepting the trade-offs, such as limited earnings, and loss of medical facilities; but the above workplaces won’t let you down.