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Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2014

It is very important for us to have best websites and blogs for the business survival. The role of the best web hosting companies in making our dreams come true cannot be ignored. Its services should be high performing and how much disk space is available is what you should know at any cost. Among those so many best web hosting companies, here is my list of top 10 best web hosting companies in 2014.

10. BlueHost:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Bluehost is a great and affordable web hosting company. It is known for its cheap web hosting deals. The average plan’s price is about USD4 per month and the disc space available varies from package to package. You also get access to WordPress and your cPanel to enjoy various benefits.

9. FatCow:

Best Web Hosting Companies

FatCow is another significant and amazing web hosting company. Its services are reliable in terms of webmaster and professional deals. The average package’s per month price is USD14. This service is excellent for advertising and business websites.

8. Super Web Zone:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Super Web Zone lets you enjoy wider range of web hosting and domain service packages to choose from. There are so many clients of this company who are happy with its speedy hosting services. The prices of its packages are little high but are quite ideal for your professional and money-making blogs.

7. Inmotion Web Hosting:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Inmotion web hosting lets you enjoy unlimited bandwidth and lots of other facilities. This company offers ninety days money back guarantee and you will have lots of success from your website. If you are not satisfied, just get your money back, but I am sure that won’t happen as this is a really great web hosting company.

6. Host Monster:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Host Monster presents unlimited disc space, affordable domain and web hosting services. Its monthly subscription charges start from as lower as USD5 per month. I am sure this web hosting company is great for anyone who wants to enjoy lots of benefits under one roof.

5. GoDaddy:

Best Web Hosting Companies

GoDaddy is an amazing web hosting service provider. It offers a lot of disc space capacities. You can have the freedom to enjoy from 25 to over 100 GB disc space. The price of a regular package starts from USD5 per month. GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting companies in the world.

4. Jaguarpc:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Jaguarpc is able to bring you one step forward with unlimited bandwidth and lots of disc space. It allows you to enjoy 45 days money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the services of the company. A package starts from USD6 per month which is quite reasonable.

3. HostGator:

Best Web Hosting Companies

HostGator offers you as much disc space as you want. This company is operating since a long and for them the satisfaction of the clients matters a lot. Their regular package starts at as lower as USD4 per month. Another wonderful web hosting package from this company is USD13 per month.

2. iPage:

Best Web Hosting Companies

iPage is another great and wonderful web hosting company. Its value-added services allow you to enjoy monthly, quarterly and annual packages of web hosting and domain to choose from. It tries its best to satisfy the clients and the support staff is also excellent in dealing.

1. Justhost.com:

Best Web Hosting Companies

Justhost.com works day and night to keep its success graph high and high. This web hosting company offers various attractive packages and an average package starts at USD3 per month. It lets you enjoy unlimited bandwidth and free domain with extra disc space etc.

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  1. I’m using Hostgator. But it is a bit slow if we talk about speed. You should list out about top 10 best speed hosting companies.