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Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Belts Reviews

Weight lifting is a great way to reduce weight and stay fit and healthy. There are a lot of weight lifting belts which promise to give us quality results, but not all of them are workable in a better way. Here are the top 10 best weight lifting belts reviews you always want to know about.

10. Contour Lifting Belt by Harbinger (7.5 inch firm fit):

Best Weight Lifting Belts

It is an excellent weight lifting belt which is effective in letting you have a relaxing posture when you lift your body. It is durable and comfortable and comes with two to three years warranty. More than this, contour lifting belt is priced very reasonable and can be have from any fitness store online.

9. Low Profile Performance Belt by Valeo (4 inch):

Best Weight Lifting Belts

This belt comes in a four inch width and waterproof body. It is soft and flexible to use and helps you reduce the weight. It is light-weight and easy to carry. So you can conveniently use this belt while going to gym.

8. Shape That Fits Lifting Belt by Schiek:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

Schiek is the maker of this body belt. The makers claim it to be an absolutely natural and free of side-effects products which come with double closure facility. Its stainless steel and soft foam is well supportive for your ab during the exercises.

7. Harbinger 4″ Padded Leather Belt:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

This belt is supportive for your back and abdomen and promises to keep your body in a relaxing form even when you are doing toughest exercises. This weight lifting belt is quite flexible to support your body parts and help you get rid of extra fats.

6. Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt by Ader Sporting Goods (4″ black):

Best Weight Lifting Belts

This is a leather-made product and a found inches wide belt. Thanks to Ader Sporting Goods for creating such a wonderful and reliable weight lifting belt. It is equally effective for men and women and supports your backbone. You can fit its waist as per the size of your body.

5. Polypro Dip Belt by Harbinger:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

If you are serious to do exercises and want to lose the weight in a shorter timeframe, then give preference to this Harbinger’s belt. It is designed with polypropylene and comes with flexible structure. You can tie your hips and back to enjoy a wonderful workout.

4. Adjustable Back Brace by Mueller Sport Care:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

This is yet another wonderful leather belt. Don’t go with the feel that leather used in this belt is tough; it is absolutely soft and easy to use. It helps you support your abdomen and back. You can have this belt from any online store or a nearby fitness equipments outlet.

3. Strength Training Belt by Nike:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

Nike is so far known for its amazing shoes, but now comes a weight lifting belt by Nike. This wonderful belt provides full support to you back and is made up of soft foam and stainless steel buckles. You can use it everyday for many hours to enjoy a wonderful body shape.

2. Harbinger Strap Belt with Firm Fit Foam Core:

Best Weight Lifting Belts

A plus point of this belt is that it is available in different sizes. So you can choose the size as per your body structure and belly form. This belt is specifically ideal for reducing the belly fats and is made up of foam core. It is also protective for your back and gives you an easy to go posture during the exercise.

1. Foam Core Lifting Belt by Harbinger (women’s 5-inch):

Best Weight Lifting Belts

This is an ideal and one of the best weight lifting belts for women. It is light weight and has only two inches supportive strap, which won’t irritate you at all during the exercise.

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  1. These are all terrible belts…any top 10 weight belt list that has a single Velcro belt in the list is automatically terrible.