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Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of all the Times

It is simply impossible for us to think of a cricket match to be complete until or unless the finest and well performing wicket keepers are not participating. This is absolutely true that cricket is a game of full-team work and every person, from bowler to batsman, from wicket keeper to empire has his own distinctive place in the cricket. The success or unsuccessful stories of the cricket games in the past of every country are high just because of these individuals’ performance and dedication.

To perform well in the match, every player puts his maximum efforts and tries to dominate the rival team with his performance. Making a record also matters for the players in order to get more success in their profession. Here are the top 10 best wicket keepers of all the times.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

He is a batsman and wicket keeper of India. The family members and close companions say that Mahendra works really hard during his practices so that at the match day he can perform well. This might be due to his endless efforts and dedication that he has been able to rock the hearts of his fans as a good player.


9. Kumar Sangakara:

Kumar Sangakara is a famous and leading wicket keeper of Sri Lanka. So far he has performed really well in the national and international tournaments.


8. Adam Gilchrist:

Adam Gilchrist has is one of the leading and most successful wicket keepers of the era. Adam is known for his hard work and dedication as a batsman and player. It is due to his efforts that the team he belongs to has won various international tournaments.


7. Alec Stewart:

Alec is a bowler and wicket keeper of England. He is a promising and well versed player of England cricket team and is known for his best performance and so many catches. His name can be credited as the person who got over 300 catches in different matches so far.


6. Brendon McCullum:

Brendon McCullum is known as a perfectionist in his game. Brendon has been a successful wicket keeper and batsman, who gave a new competitive turn to the international cricket.


5. Dinesh Karthik:

How lucky India has had been to have some of the finest wicket keepers of all the times. Dinesh Karthik is yet another extremely talented and well performing wicket keeper of India. His name is taken as a dangerous wicket keeper who never lets the bowl or batsman make any mistake as he always keeps a keen eye on the two.


4. Matt Prior:

Matt Prior is a worthwhile wicket keeper and player, known for his outstanding performance in international tournaments. Matt Prior is a pride of England. He is not only a successful wicket keeper but also a nice and cooperative person.


3. Brad Haddin:

Brad Haddin is too young and impressive by personality that the females are especially crazy about him. The time when he enters the stadium, is doubtlessly like a spell for the young girls as they can not stop themselves from getting impressed with his personality. But more than his personality, his performance as a batsman and wicket keeper has had been admiring.


2. Andy Flower:

Andy Flower belongs to Zimbabwe. He is doubtlessly a well versed, extremely talented and of course a best wicket keeper. He performs really very well in every match and scores high. Sometimes when he sees that the opposite team is going to win the match, Andy never miss trying again and again for winning the game.


1. Mark Boucher:

At the top of the list is enlisted the name of Mark Boucher. He is a player and famous boundary man of South Africa. It is said that Mark never lets himself go making records. Definitely it has proven to be right just by looking at the cricket stats and records of Mark Boucher. He has so far taken more than 340 wickets and as a batsman made 3000 plus scores in different matches.