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Top 10 Best Wine Brands in the World

Almost all the people in America, UK, and Canada like wines. Especially the events and celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Halloween cannot be considered complete until we have some delicious and famous wine brands with us. It is one of the most desirable and favorite beverages in the world. Some people consider the wines to be the symbol of love and enjoyment, while for the others it is the perfect beverage with distinctive taste and freshness. Let us check out the list of top 10 best wine brands in the world.

10. Hardys Wines

This is an amazing wine brand of Australia. Yes, you are absolutely right, this was first produced in a small village of Australia with pure grape juices. The wines of this brand taste really well, and are made with refreshing ingredients. At the same time, the use of modern techniques is must to be assured that the people get only what is perfect in taste.

Best Wine Brands

9. Lindemans Wines

Lindmans is a high value wine brand of USA. It offers some of the expensive wines to the global consumers. The company brings forth different tastes, so you can select your favorite taste according to your desire. The wines of this company have great fragrance, but don’t contain any harmful ingredients.

Best Wine Brands

8. Fratelli Wines 

This is an award-winning wine brand. It has recently got an award at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards (2013). SETTE is a famous wine that has been produced by Fratelli Wines, Akluj. The wines of this brand have citrus notes of ripe fruits with hints of vanilla and are paired with spicy Indian cuisines.

Best Wine Brands

7. Reveilo Wines

This brand usually brings forth red wines. It is quite famous among the youngsters for its enthusiastic and tasty wines. The best notes include pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Best Wine Brands

6. Grover Vineyards

A wine of this brand has won awards in the Best New wine category (2005). It produces its wines with intense flavours and spicy aroma. Some of the best notes of its wines include chocolate, vanilla and coffee beans. This company’s wine are not at all strong, but come in soft flavors.

Best Wine Brands

5. Merlot Wines 

Merlot wines are best in characteristic taste and body. The brand brings forth lovely and delicious wines that carry flavors like pepper and chocolate. Merlot is a medium red wine of this brand that goes well with spicy vegetables and meat curries.

Best Wine Brands

4. Shea Wines

A deep ruby color is the highlight of the wines of Shea. It sells its products the world over. The best flavors it offers in wines include aroma of plums, berries, spices, oak barrel, compliment stews, and soft red wines. These go well with the meals like roast, pasta, and grilled vegetables.

Best Wine Brands

3. Gallo Wines

Gallo is a form of grapes which are expensive and rarely found in USA, Australia and Europe. The wines of this company are made with the fresh grapes, and are free from alcoholic impacts. These will surely bring a refreshing feel in your life. But let me tell you that the cost is going to be little high.

Best Wine Brands

2. Fevre Bougros

Entertain your guests with the wines of Fevre Bougros. It brings some of the special cocktail French wines. The company knows well how to bring forth the real taste of wines with fresh ingredients. Its classic range is ideal for all occasions. This is a great brand of France.

Best Wine Brands

1. Quinta Ormond Wines

Although Quinta Ormond is originally a French wine company, but now it has its manufacturing centers in Phoenix, and other parts of the world. This company’s wines are rich taste and have classic freshness to make the people crazy.

Best Wine Brands

Which brand you think is the best?