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Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2015

A wire stripping machine is an excellent tool to be used these days. It lets you quickly remove the plastic and rubber insulation from the wires. No doubt, this machine makes your work easier and convenient. The machine that has striped the electrical insulation from the wire comes in automatic and manual forms. Here are the top 10 best wire stripping machines in 2015.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

10. SDT WRA 15 Deluxe Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripper Machine

This machine can strip wire .05″ – 1″ (1.5mm – 25mm) copper wire and has a powerful motor of 110V 50-60Hz 1/4 hp capacity. The wire can mount easily to any bench or work station.

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Best Wire Stripping Machines

9. Ten-High Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine-3F

This is a semi-automatic wire stripping machine you should not miss to have. It is able to strip about 10 wires simultaneously. The wire is very reliable.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

8. SDT Automatic Industrial Wire Stripping Machine for Copper Wire with Reverse

Here is a great quality wire stripping machine that is ideal for your small setups. It has 9 channels of round hole cutter to make your work easy. It also features a powerful motor.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

7. CopperMine Manual Wire Stripping Machine, Cable Stripper Tool for Scrap Copper Recycling

This comes with so many features and specifications. The product is of high quality.

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Best Wire Stripping Machines

6. Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Drill/Handle Strip Wire Scrap Copper

Here we are going to talk about the SDT-WRA15 Bench Top Automatic Wire Stripping Machine. This machine is able to strip wires of varying lengths and widths. It comes with money back guarantee and is of top notch quality. Make sure to have it ordered instantly.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

5. CopperMine Handheld Wire Stripper Tool using Stock Blade for Scrap Copper Recycling

This machine is brought to you by Copper-Mine Tools.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

4. SDT WRA 20 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine for Copper Wire Stripper Up to 1/2″

This is a top notch machine can strip wire .07″ – .50″ (2mm – 13mm) copper wire. It is perfect for contractors, electricians, and other technical persons.

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Best Wire Stripping Machines

3. Recycle Scrap Copper Wire Stripper Stripping Machine Strips 34 AWG – 1-1/2″ OD

The SDT-WRM35 Bench is a highly featured wire stripping machine. It comes with 10 channels of cutting wheels for stripping scrap copper wire. The machine is available in stock on Online Store. Don’t miss to order instantly before the stock comes to an end.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

2. SDT Copper Wire Stripping Stripper Machine Reverse 2 HP Leeson Motor

The SDT-WRA40R automatic wire stripping machine is made in USA. It has come in top notch quality and is ideal for stuck wire & safety purposes for wire jamming removal. This machine can be ordered through the link given below and enjoy.

Best Wire Stripping Machines

1. Powered Wire Stripping Machine Motorized Stripper Copper

This comes with free blade and is of top notch quality. The machine is easy to adjust, and has removable blades. You can go to the link below for placing its order instantly. Don’t miss before the stock ends.

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Best Wire Stripping Machines

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