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Top 10 Best Zoos in USA

It is always a fun-filled activity to spend time in a zoo. The children and adults both love to enjoy leisure moments at a zoo. America has no short of cultural and traditional places. Zoos have become a must part of American culture. Whether you are to see fish, tigers, giraffe, or any other animals, a zoo has always been an interesting spot. Here is the list of top 10 best zoos in USA.

Best Zoos in USA

10. Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo is one of the major theme parks of America. It is spread in an approximate area of 500 acres and has more than 1,700 animals representing 250 species. This zoo has many activities you would definitely enjoy. It is visited by tourists every day. Here you can enjoy activities such as skating and others.

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Memphis Zoo

9. Philadelphia Zoo

It is one of the oldest American zoos. It was founded in 1859 and currently hosts 1300 animals. This zoo is not only a favorite of tourists but also of history lovers and researchers. Here a number of zoological projects are carried out. The zoo is spread in an area of 42 acres, and it hosts the Big Cat Falls, lions, jaguars and tigers etc.

Philadelphia Zoo

8. Columbus Zoo

It is one of the best zoos in USA. It is located in Columbus, Ohio. The zoo was founded in 1920. It has been the host of over 7,000 animals, and 500 game waders who are responsible to take good care of the animals. This is one of the most famous amusement places of America. It has a large aquarium and polar bear exhibit as well.

Columbus Zoo

7. Lion Country Safari

This magnificent zoo is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is being visited by thousands of people every day. The zoo is the home to various rare animal species. It has animals like lions and chimpanzees that have been fenced. Also you can see zebras and giraffes roam freely. It is an exciting place to visit.

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Lion Country Safari

6. Houston Zoo

Houston zoo is one of the best zoos in USA. It is a marvelous animal spot that hosts more than 6,000 animals. It remains full of tourists the whole days especially during weekends. The entry ticket to this zoo is very economical.

Houston Zoo

5. Brookfield Zoo

The Brookfield zoo is the hub of various rare and endangered species. Like many other zoos, it puts on a dolphin show, but they add terns to entertainment. It is a must see tourist attraction of America.

Brookfield Zoo

4. San Diego Zoo

San Diego zoo is situated in California. It is a vast and exciting place to visit. It has been one of the major protector and promoter of wildlife rights and safety. The zoo allows the visitors to enjoy more up-close encounter with animals. It has 900 different species, and with 4,000 different animals.

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San Diego Zoo

3. Toledo Zoo

Toledo zoo is a wonderful place of America. It has over 5,300 animals representing species over 750. There are so many interesting things to see and enjoy in this zoo. It provides the tourists with freedom of taking snaps close to the animals. This would certainly whisk you away from the tropical areas of the country.

Toledo Zoo

2. St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis zoo is one of the best zoos in USA. There is no entry fee. This is a beautiful and pleasant place. It is the home to more than 18,000 exotic animals. This zoo has rolling hills, lakes and glades of forest park.

St. Louis Zoo

1. Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati is another wonderful and exceptional zoo of America. This was founded in 1981. It is known to be host of thousands of animals. This is present in Cincinnati. The zoo has been well renovated to give it a lovely and remarkable look.

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Cincinnati ZooSt. Louis Zoo

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