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Top 10 Biggest Lies About Weight Loss

Weight-management is one of the most tedious jobs. Moreover, the fact that most people are not able to deal with their weight-issues is that they are not aware of the right techniques and strategies to do so. There are hundreds of different things that you will hear and do in order to lose weight, but seldom anyone would know if those advices from closed ones were actually a myth or fact.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most common advices given to people dealing with weight-loss problems. These advices or suggestions are nothing more than myths, but surprisingly over millions of people would be practicing them right in this moment.

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Here below is a list of the top 10 biggest lies about weight loss:


Lie #10 – Focus On Having Low Carb Diet

Myth: If you cut out carbohydrates from your diet, you’ll experience a dramatic weight loss in a very short span of time.
Fact: Absolutely not! Completely cutting off your carbohydrate intake is not a sustainable way to get rid of your weight gain issues. Carbs should be an essential part of your regular diet as they provide necessary vitamins and nutrients that help you body to function properly. Include good amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet.

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Lie #9 – Reduce Fat Intake For Losing Weight

Myth: Reduce your fat intake from food as it adds to weight problems.
Fact: Fat makes the food tasty. Fat-free or low-fat diet does not mean low-calories. In fact, certain amount of fat is necessary for your body to be able to work energetically. It is important to look for food items or preparations made with good fats. For instance: fresh fruits and whole grain food make good alternatives, but should be consumed in moderation.


Lie #8 – Certain Food Items Burn Fat

Myth: There are certain kinds of herbs and food items that can help you burn fat without making any additional efforts like dieting or exercising.
Fact: Do you really think there are some magical fruits or vegetables that can actually make you lose weight without any efforts? Think logically! The fact that this myth exist is that people have a tendency to exaggerate. Certain beans and foods like caffeine and Garcinia can help boost your metabolism, which automatically uses calories and energy from your body, resulting in fat reduction. But, if you won’t control your diet or exercise regularly your metabolism will become stagnant and even such natural boosters won’t be able to do any good to your body.

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Lie #7 – You Gain Weight If You Eat After 8 pm

Myth: Do not eat anything after 8 pm as it results in tremendous weight gain.
Fact: Does it really make any difference if you eat at 2 pm or 2am. Every person has its own routine and most people usually end up having dinner after 8 pm. Moreover, if you are someone who stays awake till midnight, there’s no point in starving your body just because someone and you can eat after 8 pm. All you should remember that you should avoid taking high calorie food or over-eat in dinner so your digestive system can work normally at night.


Lie #6 – Drinking Lots Of Water To Reduce Weight

Myth: Drinking lots of water during the day will help you lose weight quickly.
Fact: This is an absolute myth. The trick is to keep your stomach full so you don’t feel the urge to eat at odd hours, but it doesn’t mean that you should overflow your body with too much water. Water will not help burn calories, so it is not magical weight loss drink.


Lie #5 – Green-tea Burns Fat

Myth: Drinking green tea in the morning can help you reduce extra pounds on your body.
Fact: Green tea extracts works wonders to detoxify your body. But, it won’t help you burn fat and get rid of those extra pounds. Moreover, too much indulgence can also affect your heart rate and cause other health related problems.


Lie #4 – You Can Eat Anything If You Exercise Regularly

Myth: Exercise regularly and you don’t need to follow any particular weight loss diet.
Fact: Exercise helps you to cut calories and reduce fat, but if you won’t follow a specific weight loss diet, you will never be able to attain your goal. It will actually become a cycle, where you will burn some calories in the morning and end up adding same amount of it by the end of the evening.


Lie #3 – Natural Weight Loss Products Do Not Cause Side Effects

Myth: herbal supplements do not cause any kind of supplements. It is indeed best way to lose weight naturally.
Fact: Even natural supplements can cause side effects as well. If you want to go natural, it is best to find ways through your diet. Even natural weight loss supplements are not much effective and certainly not well researched.


Lie #2 Diet Soda Helps Lose Weight

Myth: Diet sodas are low in calories and help you reduce weight too.
Fact: Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that can actually add to weight gain problems in the long run. Artificial sweeteners are hundred times sweeter than natural sugars.

Choose a healthier alternative, such as lime or lemon as they are more effective in regards to weight loss.


Lie #1 – The More Calories You Cut, The More You Lose

Myth: Cut down on calories to lose weight. The more, the better!
Fact: This is absolutely illogical. By cutting too many calories you will actually affect you level of energy and it can even be bad for your waistline. You body needs a certain amount of calorie intake on a daily basis, depending upon your height and age. It is necessary to take recommended amount of calories, if you don’t want to end up looking malnutrition.
10 Biggest Lies About Weight Loss