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Top 10 Biggest London Theatres

London is one of the major attractions in the world. this city has a lot of places to visit, historical buildings, restaurants, green valleys, and of course lavish parks and beach points. The quality of life in London is very high. The theatres play a vital role in entertaining the people. Check out this list of top 10 biggest London theatres.

Biggest London Theatres

10. Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum is a remarkable theatre of London City. It was founded in 1834, and the building was completed during 1904 in the rococo style. The theater was closed many times in the history. The incredible building and amazing architecture of this theatre is must to see.

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Lyceum Theatre

9. Theatre Royal

With a capacity of 2196, this is another wonderful London theatre. It used to be the leading theatre of Europe. Set in 16th century, this is one of the oldest theatres in the world. Its Drury Lane location is the centre of “Theatreland”. The owner of the theatre is Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of “Evita” and “Cats”.

Theatre Royal

8. London Palladium

It is one of the biggest London theatres. The London Palladium is situated close to the chaotic shops of Oxford Street. It is known to showcase some incredible theatre shows from 1955 to 1967. Millions of viewers have visited this theatre since the day it came into being. During 1966, the owner of this theatre tried to sell it for getting it redeveloped.

London Palladium

7. Apollo Victoria

The Apollo Victoria is another must to see place of London. This theatre has capacity for 2,500 people. It is situated close to the Victoria Palace Theatre, forming mini-theatreland to the South West of the main West End. It was opened during 1930. Here various shows have been held.

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Apollo Victoria

6. Shaftesbury Theatre

This Grade II listed building is present close to the Holborn. It is a marvelous and wonderful theatre of London ever. It had to suffer from a small roof collapse in 1973. At the time, the musical “Hair” was being played there. The theatre has showcased over 2000 performances. This has been many times blocked, but reopened. The Shaftesbury Theatre effectively ended stage censorship in the UK.

Shaftesbury Theatre

5. Palace Theatre

The Palace Theatre is one of the biggest London theatres. It is present several meters down the road from the Shaftesbury Theatre. This is a 1,400-seater place having a big stage where numerous plays and music performances have been held. This was established in 1891, and was called the Royal English Opera House, during the times of Richard D’Oyly Carte.

Palace Theatre

4. Adelphi Theatre

It is a 200-year-old theatre of London City. It looks very elegant and would certainly catch your attention. It is known for its Strand entrance. It has the capacity of more than 15,00 people. The theatre was opened in 1809, and the current version is the result of reconstruction of 1930. Its Art Deco style adds value to its beauty.

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Adelphi Theatre

3. Victoria Palace Theatre

This is one of the biggest London theatres. It is relatively new, founded in 2005. The theatre has been known for its lifetimes, and the place where it is located was actually a concert room in 1832. Currently, it has the capacity of 1517 people. It is a wonderful place you must visit. The theatre has held more than 300 performances so far.

Victoria Palace Theatre

2. Prince Edward Theatre

Found in the heart of Soho, this theatre has the capacity of 1618 people. It has been named after Edward VIII, the King. Some of the finest stage performances held here include “Show Boat”, “Mamma Mia” and “West Side Story”, and “Miss Saigon”. It was opened in 1930, with stints as a cinema and a dance hall. The current look was restored in 1978.

Prince Edward Theatre

1. Dominion Theatre

The Dominion is one of the most famous theatres of London. The shows have been running here since 2002. It has the capacity of over 2,000 people and was built in 1929, on the site of an old brewery that is said to have been affected by a major flood in the history. Today, this theatre is chosen by tourists looking to enjoy their spare time out.

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Dominion Theatre

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