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Top 10 Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

Birds are born with their forelimbs modified into wings. These are the loveliest creatures of God. The wings help the birds to fly, and their beaks help them obtain food. They are capable to adapt various types of climatic conditions and can survive under different circumstances. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 birds with strange defense mechanisms.

10. Killdeer

It is a noisy bird that makes its babies vulnerable. They defend themselves with a clever ‘broken wing act’. When the birds see a predator around their nests, they fake a distress call, and pretend like their wings are broken. The adults of this bird species fly off, seeing that there are big predators around.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

9. Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

This bird feeds on nice and rodents. These are strong birds, and are capable to take down the other bird species for obtaining their food. Mobbing can be very dangerous for the small ferruginous pygmy owls. So, they defend themselves with the two large spots at the back of the head, and approach the other side.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

8. Potoo

These are bizarre nocturnal predators, also called “Ghost Birds”. The Potoo feeds on small creatures like insects, bats and birds. These birds sit perched upon branches, motionless, camouflaging as dead or broken tree stumps. These defend themselves from the predators by keeping an eye on them even with their closed eyes. These birds remain undeterred even if big animals approach them.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

7. Hooded Pitohui

This bird has a fascinating defense mechanism. It is a highly poisonous bird that feeds on beetles containing strong neurotoxin alkaloid. These birds use their poison to defend themselves from the preys. They also rub the poison onto their eggs to avoid getting trapped.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

6. Fulmar

This bird’s name is Norse for foul gull. They are infamous for their foul odor. The eggs and adults of Fulmar are highly dangerous for their preys. Their poor sense of smell, but weird lifestyle lead them defend themselves from the attackers.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

5. Hoopoe

It is a famous bird species of Israel. These have highly effective and powerful defensive techniques. It has a gland near its anus. The birds produce a substance that smells foul, and rub its feathers in this. In this way, these birds stay protected from the predators. This substance also repels parasite and protects the bird from diseases.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

4. Burrowing Owl

These owls either dig out their own burrows, or live in abandoned ones. They live in colonies, and sometimes prove to be vulnerable for the predators. Whenever they feel threatened by an approaching animal, the chick produces a hissing sound to let the partners beware of the attacker. This is how they protect themselves.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

3. Eurasian Cuckoo

These birds lay eggs in other birds’ nests. The hatched chicks are destroyed by the host’s eggs and chicks, and eliminate competitors. The birds live in groups and make strong colonies, thus, prove to be highly powerful for the strong predators. They never feel scared of the attackers.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

2. Hoatzin

These birds feed on leaves and digest them with bacterial fermentation, which give it a stench. They protect themselves by leaping into the water. The chick is an excellent diver and swimmer, and when they feel it is safe again, they climb back to the earth.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

1. African White Masked Owl

These birds also carry strange defense mechanisms. When confronted by an aggressive enemy, it does what most owls do. These puff the features out and start to hiss, appearing bigger and fierce. In this way, the predators stay miles away from these creatures.

Birds with Strange Defense Mechanisms

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