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Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used

It is absolutely true that a weapon is an unlawful item that is use to kill the innocent human beings, and sometimes the animals. In many states worldwide, the making of murder weapons is forbade, but unofficially some powers are still involved in their development and creation.

NOTE: This article’s purpose is not to convince someone to commit murders with any of these items. So, please keep our world safe and enjoy reading the post.

Have you ever imagined that even a pen or ice can be used for killing someone? No? Explore the list of top 10 bizarre murder weapons ever used.

Bizarre Murder Weapons
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10. Sweatpants

You read it right. In April 2006, an old man named Jimmy Hackley, in USA, strangled a 30 years old Patricia Ann McCollum with sweatpants. This was a kind of very serious first-degree murder for which, the man was seriously punished.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

9. Shovel

It is an incident of March 2014 when Michael Marshall, a 42-years old guy had used a shovel for murdering the young Demarcus Jones in Mississippi. This was the first serious accident in which shovel was used for killing someone. The murderer was sentenced for this crime.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

8. Floor Lamp

Bryant Willerson from Georgia had killed William McClain in June 2012, after the exchange of a hot conversation. The use of floor lamp, for killing someone, sounds very weird. But trust me, it really happened. McClain died at the scene because of so many injuries he received.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

7. Guitar

In October 2011, Danny Kirk from Texas was beaten severely with an electric guitar. Who did it? Well, he was a 33-year-old Derrick Birdow who took the life of the innocent Danny.

Bizarre Murder Weapons
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6. Jump Rope

Here is another serious murder in the history with a bizarre weapon used. In 2007, the little Monique Fulgham was raped, and hanged from an apartment’s door with the help of a jump rope. Unfortunately, it was her grand-mom who committed the crime.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

5. Pickle Jar

Daniel Kovarbasich was a teenage when got the first job. He was to walk with the dog of a 55-year-old Duane Hurley. Soon their relationship turned to sexual. In January, 2010, Daniel was tired of the physical harms he used to get by Duane. So, he picked up a pickle jar and repeatedly bashed Duane in the head, leading to death.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

4. Shoe

Can you ever imagine that someone can use a shoe as murder weapon? Well, it is an incident of Edith Maxwell, a school teacher in Virginia. Edith had killed her dad with one of her high-heel shoes, back in July, 1935. She was sentenced to prison.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

3. Pen

We use a pen to write. But here is a weird incident that can shock you. In 2007, a young boy named Jason Webster, murdered his girlfriend Rebecca Love, by stabbing her with one of his school pens. The body of Rebecca was found seriously injured.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

2. Chainsaw

The Chainsaw can be ranked as one of the weirdest murder weapons ever used by the human beings. In April 2010, in Texas, Jose Corona took two chainsaws and had cut his wife’s body into pieces. This sounds bizarre, and for the murder, this man was punished by court.

Bizarre Murder Weapons

1. Xbox Console

In April 2013, a dead body of a young girl was found next to an Xbox 360. The body was badly injured and was bleeding. What happened that she was killed by her boyfriend with the Xbox console, who was later on arrested by the police.

Bizarre Murder Weapons
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