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Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities who died Young

Bollywood is proud to have famous and talented jewels in all the times. The wonderful actors and actresses have had been making this industry and India feel proud of its prominence and distinctive values. A lot of Bollywood stars came and went to the industry, some of them are still alive while the others lost their lives. Here is the list of top 10 Bollywood celebrities who died young and their deaths are still a matter of concern for their fans.

10. Meena Kumari:

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Meena Kumari was a queen of tragedy and beauty in 1970s. She did various movies and her success graph was always high in all of those movies. She was an addict to alcohol, which at last became the reason of her death in 1972. her liver got burst and Meena Kumari lost the life at a younger age.

9. Geeta Bali:

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Geeta Bali was another famous female actress of India having extreme level of skills. She got marries to Shammi Kapoor and unluckily Geeta lost her life due to small pox in 1965. She was only 35 years at that time.

8. Sanjeev Kumar:

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Sanjeev was an extremely talented and versatile actor of India. He did various roles in different blockbuster movies of Bollywood during 1980s. Sanjeev lost his life at the age of 45 due to sudden heart attack. Some people also view that he was addicted to alcohol which took his life.

7. Silk Smitha:

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Silk was also known with the name of Vijaylakshmi Vadlapati. Silk name was actually given to her when she did her successful movie Vandichakram and played the role of Silk. This south Indian beauty lost her life in 1996 and she was only 32 years at that time.

6. Madhubala:

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Madhubala was actually named Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi. She was one of the greatest and wonderful actresses of her time. Unfortunately Madhubala lost her life due to a severe heart problem in 1950. She was hospitalized but couldn’t retain her breathes.

5. Guru Dutt:

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He was an actor, producer and successful director of 1960s in Bollywood. Guru Dutt contributed a lot in making Indian film industry worthwhile and unmatched around the globe. He was only 39 years when his soul traveled to heavens in 1964 in Mumbai. He was actually found died in his apartment and no one could unveil the fact behind his death.

4. Taruni Sachdev:

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This child actoress was actually named Rasna. She was a delicate and loving person and lost her life in a plane crash of Nepal during 2012. She was traveling in the plane with his mother. Taruni got fame when she appeared with Amitabh Bachchan in PAA.

3. Divya Bharti:

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Divya was a beautiful, talented and innocent lady of Bollywood. She started working in the movies at the age of 13. It took her no time to got worldwide popularity. Divya was drinking in her apartment when she got fell to the earth. She was only 21 years when she lost her life.

2. Smita Patil:

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Smita was a talented and beautiful film actress of India. She did various movies with Amitabh Bachchan and won different national awards. Smita died in 1986 when she was only 31 years old due to a childbirth complication.

1. Jiah Khan:

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Jiah Khan, also known as Nafisa Khan was a debuted beauty of 2007. She was only 25 years and her body was found hanging in her flat in June 2013. People say Jiah committed suicide because she was not satisfied with her acting career.

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