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Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Cancer is a life-killing disease which involves unregulated growth of the body cells. These abnormal cells keep on growing uncontrollably and form malignant tumors in different parts of the body. With the passage of time, cancer has taken a threatening form. Every two out of one thousand individuals in the world are said to be the victim of this disease. Unfortunately the rate of cancer spread is even more than this in some nations. Doubtlessly this deadly disease has become much serious and drastic for a few years.

Cancer-Fighting Foods

For those who have been suffering from cancer or are likely to be its victim because the symptoms say so, the following top 10 cancer-fighting foods can be of great benefit.

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10. Broccoli:

Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C. It is a kind of grapefruits, ideal for curing the cancer. The doctors prescribe the cancer suffers to include broccoli in their daily diet so that the Vitamin C can keep their cells active and intact to work properly.

9. Fish Oil:

Many of us don’t like fish oil. Isn’t it? Yes definitely but the fish oil is a proven anti-inflammatory diet to strengthen our body cells and minimizes the risk of cancer.

8. Peanut:

Not only the peanut but also peanut butter is the two rich diet to help us prevent risk of cancer. It maintains the level of hormones in the body especially the eicosanoids hormones which fight against the cancer cells and kill them so that they can not leave their negative impacts on the healthy body cells.

7. Yellow Pepper:

Yellow Pepper is yet another Vitamin C rich diet. Just like broccoli it provides the cancer patients the strength to fight against the disease. Also yellow pepper is ideal for those who live in an area of cancer victims so that the disease can be stopped to get developed into their bodies.

6. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are usually a part of our daily diet. These remain added into the snacks, pizzas and burgers we eat. From health perspective different forms of mushrooms like maitake, reishi and Coriolus V increase the stamina of the body and keep our immune system stronger to fight against cancer.

5. Kale:

Kale is a nitrogen rich diet; it includes the compounds of indole and esterogens which are beneficial in suppressing the tumor growth and block the way of cancer cells to get spread here and there in the body.

4. Red Tomatoes:

Eating fresh red tomatoes everyday makes our bodies stronger and helps our immune system block the substances which can cause cancer in the body cells.

3. Garlic:

Different researches have proved that garlic is a great source of anti-cancerous chemicals which keep the cells of colon, kidney, esophagus etc. healthy because the cases of cancer cells’ arise are found to be drastic in these parts of the body. But it is not that the rest of the body parts remain risk-free, garlic nourishes all the tissues and cells of the body and increase the level of human immunity.

2. Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower oil is obtained from freshly grown sunflower seed. It provides our body with zinc and Vitamin C which accelerate the immune system and prevent the body from various harmful disorders like cancer and AIDS.

1. Berries:

Berries taste really very well. Their juicy flavor is what you can not resist to have. Berries contain different antioxidants and cancer-fighting ingredients which keep our immune system strong enough to kill the harmful viruses, bacteria and damaged cells.

As you can notice all these are purely natural diets and none is artificially made. It is a clear indication that what nature has gifted us in the form of eatables is always much better and healthy friendly than man-made diets.