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Top 10 Careers Offering High Salaries to Physically Weak Individuals

Finding a dream job can be challenging if you’re suffering from a serious disorder. People who are able to deal with social anxiety disorder (SAD) and similar complications are better equipped for multiple positions. Most of jobs remain available for physically and mentally stable people. But here are top 10 careers offering high salaries to weak individuals:

10. Associate Database Engineer

As an associate database engineer, you’ll be responsible to provide timely technical assistance to the employers. The position requires understanding of database design, software query behavior, database administration, installation, maintenance, disaster recovery as well as SQL scripting. The job requires lesser physical activities as you’ll work onto your computer the whole day. Holding a graduate degree in computer programming and technical expertise are must.

Salary: The estimated annual salary is USD350,120

Careers Offering High Salaries

9. Meteorologists

As a meteorologist, you’ll use your passion for weather to help build attractive forecast packages for the employer. Candidates must be flexible with work days, and be able to deliver concise and energetic forecasts on daily basis. Holding a degree in environmental study is mandatory.

Salary: The approximate annual salary is USD421,320

Careers Offering High Salaries

8. Lab Researchers

Lab researchers are in high demand nowadays. You don’t have to wander here and there to perform the duty, just apply at an appropriate place (university or pharmacautical company) where researchers are tasked to study the slides, prepare specimen, and submit reports. Before applying for the position, make sure you hold a graduate degree with sufficient  experience.

Salary: The estimated annual earning of a childcare worker is USD292,410

Careers Offering High Salaries

7. Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you would work for hospitals, dental-care centers, or run personal clinics. Candidates should hold a professional degree; the working hours per week range from 20 to 50.

Salary: The estimated annual earning is USD551,160

Careers Offering High Salaries

6. Accountant

Accountants manage bookkeeping and financial details for the brands. If you excel at mathematics and enjoy working with numbers, accounting is the best profession for you. Apply for a suitable accountant position at government or private sector, and make sure that the job matches your comfort level.

Salary: The approximate annual salary of an accountant at government sector is USD390,420, while as a private accountant you can earn around USD350,140

Careers Offering High Salaries

5. Computer Programmers

As a computer programmer, you must be detail oriented, and have the abilities to solve day-to-day computer problems. Employees of this position are generally valued for their mental capabilities rather than their communication.

Salary: The estimated annual earning is USD321,310

Careers Offering High Salaries

4. Counselors

Counselor might not be your prior choice, but the job is well paying and ideal for those with physical disorders and social anxiety. The job requires you to understand what your clients are experiencing, and help them get out of their stress. Besides having a post-graduate degree, applicants need to have strong communication skills. Help others and relief their sorrows as a counselor.

Salary: Earn around USD210,110

Careers Offering High Salaries

3. Statisticians 

The main roles undertaken by the statisticians are providing strategic information, developing relationship with international opinion leaders and enhancing overall performance of the management. Holding a degree in Mathematics or Statistics is mandatory for this position.

Salary: The estimated annual salary of a food inspector is USD320,510

Careers Offering High Salaries

2. Artists & Writers

These jobs can bring regular paychecks, flexible working hours, and isolation for physically weak people. Candidates with flair of writing and artistic skills can opt for multiple positions. Stay stress free as these jobs often have no tight deadlines.

Salary: You can earn around USD43,100 annually

Careers Offering High Salaries

1. Call Center Agents

As a call center agent, you would work on fixed salary + commission. There is absolutely no need to leave your home as many companies hire location-independent agents for their global customers. Before contacting companies looking for online sales agents, make sure you’ve flawless communication skills and hold a graduate degree with or without experience, because on-job training is usually provided to fresh candidates.

Salary: The estimated annual earning is USD291,510

Careers Offering High Salaries

In the end, only you know what your aim of life is and which job suits you the most. A job with more social interaction isn’t a perfect match for physically weak individuals; the perks of above jobs are they involve much of your mental capabilities.