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Top 10 Celebrity Children with Weird Names

It is a common observation that the celebs often end up doing the strangest and most shocking things. There are many such examples that make us believe that these famous figures do a lot of interesting things just to get more and more publicity. Look at Miley Cyrus and her tongue-wagging at the camera, or or Justin Bieber who is falling flat on his face during the skate-boarding. If you want to know something more interesting about the celebs, then here are top 10 celebrity children with weird names.

10. Apple

Apple might compete with his brother, Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, over the weirdest name, but I believe she is the winner. Her name is after a fruit, or we may call it to be the famous Apple Inc. Whatsoever, the inspiration may be, but the fact is that Apple is the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

9. Pilot Inspektor

The celeb Jason Lee and his wife Beth Riesgraf selected an interesting name for their son, the name is Pilot Inspektor. Without giving any satisfactory explanations, they just say that this is their favorite name, so they decided to name their child the same. The song which goes like, “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot” may be the inspiration of Lee.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

8. Royal Reign

Yes, Royal Reign is the name of the child whose musician mother is a famous stage performer, known as Lil’ Kim. Royal’s father, too, has an extremely unique name: Peoples. I must say, the whole family is carrying very unique and interesting names. What you say?

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

7. Jermajesty

Speaking of the celebratory spirits of royalty, here is a kid with somewhat weird name. Jermajesty is the child of musician Jermaine Jackson and wife Halima. They chose this name, according to sources, just because they’d to follow their tradition of giving a mocked environment to the kids. But the name really makes me laugh.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

6. North West

Hearing this name, I feel that I am to choose a direction, either north or west. This is the name of the child of reality television and social media personality Kim Kardashian and her husband, musician Kanye West. They say that they chose this name due to spiritual reasons.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

5. Kal-El

Do you think it is a bird? Don’t be because it’s a human child, in fact, of a celeb. Kal-El is the song of the actor Nicolas Cage and wife Alice Kim. The boy is given a weird name, I must say. But the parents, at first, decided to name their child Kyleand, but then chose Kal-El, which is more memorable and sharper.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

4. Bear Blaze

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet’s third husband’s name is Ned Rocknroll. It is nothing but natural that the couple decided to name their child, Bear Blaze. Kate had grown up with the nickname Bear, this is may be the reason. Her first two children have saner names – Joe and Mia.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

3. Bear Blu

Actress Alicia Silverstone and husband Christopher Jarecki decided to give their 2011-born son the name Bear Blu. But what was so attractive in this name? Well, I cannot answer this question, it was couple’s decision.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

2. Bronx Mowgli

Here comes another celebrity child with weird name, Bronx Mowgli. Actress-singer Ashlee Simpson and her former husband, musician Peter Wentz, chose this name after getting inspired from the character of the same name from Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

1. Harper Seven

The famous footballer, David Beckham and wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham have four kids. The youngest of them is a lovely girl with strange name, Harper Seven. She was named so because, according to her father, he was over-possessive for her future. But how can this name ensure her a bright future?

Celebrity Children with Weird Names

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