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Top 10 Cheap Cars for Sale under USD1000

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Driving is one of the best and most favorite activities of many of us. Usually we look for cheaper yet highly featured cars. But when it comes to name the branded cars, it is quite difficult to get them at cheaper prices. Still there are dozens of sources from where getting an affordable car is possible for us. But before you go with those sources, you need to know which the top 10 cheap cars for sale are under 1000. So here is the list.

10. 2005 Kia Sedona LX:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Are you crazy about minivans? If it is so then Kia Sedona LX 2005 is the right choice for you. This highly comfortable and convenient to carry car is powered by six-cylinder engine, highly featured internal air-conditioning system and various other awesome specs. Amazingly, you can purchase this car at or under USD1000 depending upon the store you get it from.

9. 2008 Peugeot 107:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Peugeot 107 is yet another wonderful and fully specified car you can have by spending USD1000. The actual price of this 1.0 urban 3dr car is USD 600 modeled 2008, but depending upon the area you are located, you might have to see minor fluctuations in this price. It is a truly wonderful car with hatchback of 290000 miles.

8. 2002 Nissan Micro:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Nissan is one of the favorite and most amazing car brands in the world. This company is proud to offer its clients with both cheap and expensive cars. But as your budget is low and you are to spend a maximum amout of USD1000 then 2002 Nissan Micro can be your ideal choice. This car has a mileage of 60000 with hatchback of more than 50000 miles. Also the overall look of the car is great.

7. 1997 GMC Sierra 1500:

Cheap Cars for Sale
For those who have, every now and then, to travel to distant places and want their personal rides at reasonable price, 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 is a great deal. This can has a highly powerful engine with eight-cylinder capacity, comfortable to sit seating arrangement, powerful locks and stylish design. In short, everything you can have by spending reasonable amount is available in this car.

6. 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion:

Cheap Cars for Sale
For those who have a passion of business rides,2009 Smart Fortwo Passion is an attainable vehicle. The mileage of this car is over 35000 transmission with coupe of 4000 miles as well as an affordable pricing plan. Some of the vehicle sellers even allow the interested buyers get facilitation of installment plans, but I don’t think if the price is that affordable you need any installment. What you say?

5. 2003 Fiat Punto Sporting:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Fiat Punto Sporting is a 2003 edition and a cheaper car. This comes in attractive yellow and sleek designed outlook. The alloy wheels with six gears of this car enhance the users’ experience of riding a sporting car. Travelling to the other cities in this comfortable car will be an effective idea for you indeed.

4. 2001 Suzuki Swift:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Suzuki Swift is specified with 2001 model, 1.0 GL 5dr, mileage of over 70000 transmission as well as hatchback having 750000 miles. A plus point of this car is the cool look and stylish design. The color is also wonderful; in addition the price will not be more than USD1000.

3. 2001 Volvo S60:

Cheap Cars for Sale
2001 Volvo S60 is a hot car of the market which has maintained its value and repute since a long. This durable and fully featured car comes at or under USD1000, having the features like five-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, wheelbase having 1o8 capacity and a charming and eye catching model. In addition to this an anti-lock system of this can ensures you complete protection on the road and keeps you save from the thieves.

2. 2003 Vauxhall Corsa:

Cheap Cars for Sale
Having a car like 2003 Vauxhall Corsa is itself a matter of great pride. This car comes at cheaper price, 130000 transmission mileage and a hatchback of over 121000 miles. The color and style of the car is really cool so the vehicle lovers in Europe and America give it first preference when it comes to buy a highly durable car.

1. 1999 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas:

Cheap Cars for Sale
I must say that 1999 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas is a car of dreams and number in this list of top 10 cheap cars for sale under USD1000. It can be used both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Jaguar comes with highly specified eight-cylinder engine, comfortable seats and automated transmission system along with plenty of other features.