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Top 10 Cities to Visit in Asia

Last month we already wrote about “Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World“. Now we will bring you to a wonderful continental is Asia. There are many tourists who are interested to visit Asia. This region is very popular for its cultures, foods, and some interesting places to visit. When you are planning to enjoy your holiday with your families and friends, you should consider Asia as your favorite destination. Here is a list of top 10 cities to visit in Asia.

cities to visit in asia

10. Phuket


This city becomes very popular among many people who love nature things. There are some great things that you can enjoy in this city. This place offers beautiful views for all tourists who want to visit Thailand. It is a great place for all luxury seekers and backpackers.

9. Bangkok


This is another great city that is located in Thailand. Many people want to visit this city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. You can visit some popular temples that are located in Bangkok. This city is also popular for its shopping center.

8. Kyoto


Kyoto is a very popular city in japan. This city has a lot of traditional Japanese cultures that you can enjoy with your family. It is very well-known for its historical treasures that are 17 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7. Tokyo


When you visit Japan, you shouldn’t forget to come to Tokyo. This modern city offers all interesting attractions for all tourists. You are able to enjoy high quality fashion styles in this city. There are some popular temples that are located in this place.

6. Seoul


Some people are interested to visit South Korea during their holiday. Seoul is the capital city of this country. You can see the combination of traditional buildings and some skyscrapers in this city. It has some great hotels that you can choose for your accommodation during your vacation.

5. Bali


Many people want to visit Bali because it has some romantic views. Therefore, this is a great destination for people who want to enjoy their honey moon. There are some romantic beaches that you can visit when you are in Bali.

4. Singapore


If you are looking for the modern city in Asia, you should take a look at Singapore. It is believed to be one of the busiest cities in this region. There are many people who want to visit Singapore during their holiday.

3. Beijing


This is another recommended place that you should visit for your holiday. Beijing is the capital town of China. There are some cultural things that you can find in this city. Don’t forget to visit Great Wall of China when you are in Beijing.

2. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong offers great experience for all tourists who want to enjoy their holiday. You can visit this modern city when you want to spend your holiday with your families. You should enjoy some traditional foods when you are in Hong Kong.

1. Maldives


This is the most recommended place that you should visit with your families. This place offers beautiful islands that you can visit. There are more than 1,000 islands that are located in this place. It is a heavenly paradise that is very popular among many tourists these days.