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Top 10 Comics that Predicted the Future

It’s bizarre to even think that something as simple as comics can actually predict the future. Woah, it even sounds insane when you talk about it. How does one come up with a story board so intricate and precise that it actually ends up predicting the future? Some may say they are just mere coincidences but some have strong faith in future telling. You will notice in some articles that predicting the future dates back to the time of the Mayans or heck, even before that. Who knows? People like Nostradamus or simple content writers have predicted the future. Here are top 10 comics that predicted the future:

Comics that Predicted the Future

10. National Comics:

Who would even think that a comic would actually predict the doom of Pearl Harbor? Yes, it is actually the truth. In National Comic #18, starring Uncle Sam, astonishingly the main background of the comic was the BOMBING of Pearl Harbor! With images and scary dialogues, it automatically becomes difficult to comprehend how this is even possible.  The thing that sends chills down ones spine is that the release date of the comic was November of 1941! The only difference in the comic was that Germany attacks the Pearl Harbor instead of the Japanese Navy in December 1941!!

9. Race For The Moon:

Race for the Moon, for the first time, opened the new horizons of future studies for us. This comic became an inspiration for the astronauts to take a ride towards the moon and reveal the facts of universe.

race for the moon comic

8. Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact:

Treasure Chest for fun and fact is yet another interesting comic which helped us get impressed from the scientific studies. This comic was a great tool for the researchers to get motivated from and urge to discover the facts.

7. Wonder Woman:

So Muslims and more importantly ‘Al-Qaida’ have been given the blame of destroying the Twin Towers which is globally knows as the 9/11 issue, but do people actually know the real story? Or story that would stir their minds? As hard it is to believe, Wonder Woman issue #287 has actually Twin Towers being destroyed in it by an invisible plane with ‘Diana’ in it. By reading the beginning of the plot, it turns out that it was Doctor Cyber’s plan all along to get Wonder Woman to fly her plane to New York.  Apparently, Doctor Cyber performs a ritual in a Pentagon to control the invisible plane with Wonder Woman in it and bam, into the Twin Towers. This was depicted 20 years before 9/11.

wonder woman comic

6. Marvel Team Up:

Marvel Team-up had been a comic to motivate the people to work together in a team. This comic is doubtlessly a better treatment tool for the players of any game to work side by side with each other and struggle to win the competitions.

5. Dark Knight Rises:

Batman has been saving the streets of Gotham since 1940 and still there is much for him to around about. Flipping, through the pages one notices that Aurora massacre could be predicted or even inspired by the comic. In the comic the man sneaks a handgun into a movie theater and kills three. Though, the real incident and the comic even do not resemble 100% but it has its way to prove the facts that the comic might have just predicted the future killings.

4. Strange Adventures:

So where did the idea of a smart phone came from? The real credit should go to Gil Kane who drew a picture of a character holding a smart phone. In the May issue, Gil Kane actually drew a picture of a smart phone in 1965!! It’s impossible to tell whether the technology experts were inspired by the comic issue or never really noticed it in the first place, no one knows, but Gil Kane definitely didn’t have one idea of how his ‘device’ in the old comic could hit the market like wildfire and gain popularity in no time.

3. Spider-man:

These comic predictions keep getting scarier and scarier. Though, no one realizes later in the trauma of the actual incident happening, these comics have done a good job predicting the future. Spiderman #16, cover date November 1991 has Spiderman on the cover dodging flying debris from the World Trade Center. So what’s happening is it that Black Tom, the villain, has detonated a bomb on top of the World Trade Center and Cable is helping Spidey stop him. At the base of the tower, X-Force is battling Juggernaut who can’t be stopped but slowed down, during the battle Juggernaut actually runs full force towards the Center and slams against the building causing it collapse and there you have it, folks. The prediction of WTC collapsing in a comic strip!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie 2014

2. Uncanny X-men:

The Uncanny X-men #189, January 1985, had images showing a plane flying over the Twin Towers, though the next pages do not show it collapsing, but still the idea of the plane being their sends enough Goosebumps all over the body. Furthermore, the girl with codename ‘Magma’ in the same issue is from Nova Roma, which though is a fictional place but connects to Rome mythology.  The comic was written in 1985, and Nova Roma was founded in 1998. The intriguing bit that tickles your bones is that they are rejuvenating a temple dedicated to a goddess whose name matches the character from the comic!

Uncanny X-men

1. Cable:

One doesn’t really think that a comic made for fun and entertainment can predict the future in reality, but sometimes, even if the writer doesn’t want it that way, coincidences do happen. These comics show how they ended up predicting the future and blowing some minds. If thoughts are given to these comics, history can be changed. That’s one thing the world is afraid to witness, changing history because they can actually mend the course of this world’s system. Comics are not the only thing that predicted the future; authors like Nostradamus are equally popular among future telling people.