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Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Perfect Summers

It is very interesting to see the sun shining after a long run of winters. The arrival of summer, if on one hand, brings the message of pleasure, then on the other hand some people find it to be an irritating and tiresome part of life. If you are curious enough to know how to keep yourself cool and your mind refreshed this summer, then give a hand to the following top 10 cool gadgets for perfect summers and have fun!

10. Commute: Nintendo 3DS:

Cool Gadgets

For those who want to enjoy 3D games on a portable device, Commute’s Nintendo 3DS is not less than a blessing. This multiplayer portable game is equipped with numerous features and highly intensive specifications to let you get best out of your time.

9. Fake TV:

Cool Gadgets

If you have made your mind to spend this weekend on a beach point, then with Fake TV you can protect your house. This device can simulate the lights and color distinctions of the television screen and your whole house and alarms you in case an outside activity is recorded.

8. Stick-N-Find:

Cool Gadgets

With Stick-N-Find you can keep a record of all your home and office belongings and amount and check on the updates onto your mobile devices. This cool gadget will let you have the freedom to plan an outdoor trip without the problem of even thinking if the belongings will be attacked by hacker, as wherever you live the automatic alarm will keep you updated about any external activity.

7. AKG K495 NC:

Cool Gadgets

AKG K495 NC is a noisy canceller which offers superb sound system. It can work with any headphone and let you enjoy the music and charge your mobile battery even when the light is off for many hours.

7. Swimming Pool Alarm:

Cool Gadgets

This amazing Swimming Pool Alarm can be attached with your kid’s wrist or your own wrist and when you get into the water, the alarm will keep you updated about the depth and how to keep yourself protected. In case, the child doesn’t know about swimming, with this alarm you can be ensured that he has remained protected and will soon come back to the surface of the water once dived into the depths of the water.

6. Rohan Pacific Shirt:

Cool Gadgets

Rohan Pacific Shirt is painted really well and can be named as a coolant tech gadget. It makes use of mice crystals in the knit with the help of which you can craft the design and color of the shirt and make it either cool or hot as per the weather changes.

5. The Beer Growler:

Cool Gadgets

The Beer Growler has been a gadget for adults. It lets you keep your beer refreshed for long so that you can enjoy the carbonated pressure of your soft-drinks and get energetic.

4. Unit 4 Portable iPad Bags:

Cool Gadgets

Unit 4 Portable iPad Bags allow you bring your iPads, laptops and mobile devices anywhere you want. It is easy to carry and quite handy so you won’t feel irritated with its weight.

3. Apple iPhone 4S:

Cool Gadgets

Who wouldn’t like to have a stylish, handy, fully featured and well performing Apple iPhone 4S? I am sure all of the users would like to give Apple iPhone 4S a try this summer because its 8 megapixel camera is enough crispy to capture your lovely summer moments and keep them saved.

2. Smartphone Breathalyzer:

Cool Gadgets

Smartphone Breathalyzer lets you track your beer intake. It will also help you keep a record of your digestive system and calories intake so that during the summer you don’t get over-filled with bear or other addicted materials.

1. Bladeless Fans:

Cool Gadgets

The beautiful Bladeless Fans will allow you to have refreshing and cool air even when sun is at its peak. It is also a great gadget to keep your room’s temperature at normal level all the time.

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