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Top 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Men in 2015

Almost every country in the world has some finest and hot men and women. Despite the film and fashion industries, the beautiful men can be present anywhere. It is only one’s vision and taste to name who is beautiful and who is not. Let us have a look at the list of top 10 countries with most beautiful men in 2015.

10. France

France is a world famous country from tourism point of view. Here the fashion and entertainment industries are flooded with beautiful and hot men. French men are known to be extremely attractive and handsome. It is very difficult for any of the ladies to stop herself from being impressed with these glamorous males.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

9. Cuba

The men from Cuba are sexy and talented. These warm and seductive dudes are nicknamed Latin lovers. Cuba’s medium and long height men with their impressive skin color and body shapes are famous all over the world. This country has some of the most handsome fashion models.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

8. Japan

The Japanese men have been known for their impressive look and charming personality. This land has produced some of the very stylish actors, and fashion models. The healthy traditional diet in Japan is of great help for the Japanese individuals to have fair skin. Football, basketball, and other games have no short of gorgeous Japanese males.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

7. Brazil

The men of Brazil are known to be muscular and extremely energetic. They own incredible smile and rhythm. The Brazilian males are romantic and passionate in nature. This is why, they have captivated the attention of worldwide audience in one way or the other.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

6. South Africa

Apart from football, the men of South Africa are also expert in volleyball, basketball, martial arts and auto racing. These are overall very sexy and handsome. They are virile, muscular, brave and powerful in nature. Almost 75% men of South Africa are superbly attractive and hot.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

5. Italy

The Italian men are hot and beautiful, but other than this they are extremely talented and competitive in all fields. Some of world’s most popular actors and gamers are from Italy. We should also not forget that the popular Casanova who is an Italian. These gentlemen are prominent by all means.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

4. England

We all know that the men of England are charming and glamorous. Talking about the television and fashion industries, England has gifted the world some elegant and sensual males. British men love to date the women of other states.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

3. Spain

Spanish males, seductive and hot, are famous for their friendly nature. Most of the females get impressed by these dudes’ enlightened personality. Other than this, the males of Spain are well mannered and friendly in nature. Their openness; mostly to women is what can make the females die for them.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

2. Greece

Men from Greece have a macho look, and are extremely hot. Their light and dark skin complexion, thick and dark hairs, and brown almond eyes add great value to their overall personality. These are truly the males many women would love to die for and would want to marry with.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

1. USA

America’s males look sexy not only in movies but also in real life. These have been the inventors of the cowboy culture. Their friendly nature, and courageous behavior is what attracts the women towards American dudes. They look appetizing as basketball players, and as Hollywood actors.

Countries with Most Beautiful Men

Is your country in this list? Are your men really gorgeous?