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Top 10 Countries that are Dependent on Tourism

The economy and financial situations of a country are dependent upon various factors, such as its manpower, strength to face the challenges of tomorrow, investment plans of the government, import and export, and the tourism industry. It is, no doubt, true that the powerful tourism industry is the guarantee of a country’s strong economy. The following top 10 countries that are dependent upon tourism are to much extent relying upon this industry for their strong economy and strengthened finance.

10. Greece:


Greece is a land of beauties and ancient monuments. Its amazing tourist points have always been attracting the international visitors from the four corners of the world. Greece’s tourism receipt per capita is estimated to be USD1500.

9. Cyprus:


Cyprus is a place of colleges and universities. The education, here, is not too costly and this is why international students choose Cyprus institutions for the purpose of seeking admission. But the tourists from the world over also love to come and spend their holidays at this land. Its approximate tourism receipt per capita is USD1700.

8. South Africa:


South Africa is a land of beauty, natural places, mountains and beaches. God has gifted this country with various beautiful places which grasp the attention of the tourists. This country’s approximate tourism receipt per capita is said to be USD2000.

7. France:


France has had been the hub of fashion lovers. Here there is so much for the tourists to enjoy with that they won’t miss the chance to come and spend time here. The fashion lovers especially make France their destination of shopping and they love to know about the current happenings in the world of fashion while staying here. France’s estimated tourism receipt per capita is USD2200.

6. Virgin Islands:


Spending luxurious holidays at an island has always been the favorite activity of the tourists. At Virgin Islands, they will find everything—beaches, mountains, charming weather and gardens, which can become the reason for them to stay here for long. According to an estimate, Virgin Islands’ tourism receipt per capita is about USD2500 which is quite satisfactory.

5. Turkey:


Turkey is a famous country and one of the favorite tourist points in the world. The perfect blend of ancient and rich traditions makes this land a worth see for the visitors. Its tourism receipt per capita is almost USD2700.

4. Hong Kong:


Nature has blessed Hong Kong with various natural resources and wonderful monuments. This highly populated and well developed country enjoys strengthened economy and the tourism industry has played vital part in it. The approximate tourism receipt per capita is USD2800.

3. Italy:


Italy is a well developed country with reliable infrastructure and natural resources. This land is also famous for its high-ended shopping facilities and employment opportunities, which become the reason for external people to come and spend time here. The tourism receipt per capita of Italy is round about USD3000.

2. Switzerland:


The young couples and newly married love birds always make Switzerland their destination of honeymoon. In addition, the people come here with their families and friends to enjoy the summer vacation pleasures. Switzerland is, no doubt, a favorite tourist point in the world with tourism receipt per capita of about USD3200.

1. Island of Bermuda:


The crystal clear water of rivers, beaches, springs, and the natural beauty are some of the factors to make this country a favorite tourist attraction. It is, so far, the highest tourism receipt per capita with an approximate value of USD3500.

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