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Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer rate in 2014

Cancer can be defined as the uncontrolled division of body cells. It is a broader terminology involving different malignant diseases. More than 120 types of cancer have so far been reported in the world. All of these are drastic and effecting the human beings, taking their lives and becoming a threat to our societies. It is assumed that none of the country in the world is safe from this disease. But when it comes to name the top 10 countries with highest cancer rate in 2014, then here is the list;

10. Netherlands:


Netherlands is a country where lungs cancer and adrenal cancer are two very serious problems. Every 10 out of 100 people are suffering from cancer in this nation. The chances of the victims to get inhaled are very rare when the disease reaches its last stage.

9. Canada


Cancer starts beginning in the Canadians who live poor and low quality lives. It is strongly recommended that immediately when the symptoms start arising, the sufferers should be hospitalized and Canadian government efforts a lot to cure and medicate the cancer patients free of cost.

8. Belgium


Brain cancer, breast cancer and bones cancer are the three serious forms of cancer which are taking many lives in Belgium. According to a statistical report, the rate of cancer suffers has doubled during this year as compared to 2013. Belgium government takes keen interest in hiring the foreign cancer specialists who can serve the patients in this country’s hospitals.

7. Hungary


Cancer starts originating in the form of small spots, and then turns to large tumors. Its symptoms only start originating when the growth of the cancer cells becomes uncontrollable and the patients need to be hospitalized to get cured. In Hungary, the government tries its level best to overcome and control the tremendously increasing rate of the sufferers, which is said to have reached at an alarming point.

6. United States of America


In United States, leukemia, pancreatic cancer and lungs cancer are some of the most serious forms of cancer present within the society. More than 1400 people loss their lives annually in different states of USA due to this disease. But thanks to the current government who is taking keen interest in reducing this level.

5. Australia


The rate of lungs and brain cancer sufferers in Australia is even more than any other country in the world. A lot of patients, everyday, get cured in different healthcare centers and the government tends to reduce this drastically increasing rate in a few more years. For this the Australian researchers are working on the anti-cancer vaccine projects.

4. Switzerland


Not only the adults but also the children are equally suffering from cancer, especially lungs cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer and other forms in Switzerland. According to a stat report, about 1440 people lose their lives due to cancer annually, and those who are lucky to get timely treatment have almost 70 % chances to get back to normal lives, but the rate of such people is about 30 % out of the total population of cancer sufferers in Australia.

3. Chile


Chile is a country where the rate of cancer has been 102 % increased as compared to 2013, which means more the rate of cancer patients have more than doubled during this year. The government has initiated various cancer awareness programs to help the people avoid the disease and take essential precautions.

2. Norway


Prostrate cancer, thyroid cancer and lungs cancer are the three distinctive forms of cancer the people of Norway are suffering from. Different healthcare centers and cancer treatment hospitals tend to provide the diseased people with timely chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

1. United Kingdom


United Kingdom is the country with highest cancer rates. Last year it was France where the sufferers rate tremendously increased but during this year the healthcare professionals have diagnosed them timely and effectively, thus the disease rate has decreased to much extent. But in United Kingdom, cancer patients’ number has tripled as compared to last year. Cancer Research UK has initiated anti-cancerous programs to keep the people aware about the disease and adopt healthy lifestyles.

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