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Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate in 2014

Divorce means the life-partners get separated from one another for a lifetime. It is true to say that divorce is a slap on the face of our societies, it accompanies desctruction of not only two lives but also two families. The reasons of divorce can be varying, such as the lack of mental compatibility, lesser mutual interactions, no babies, and sometimes the jobless men are left by their wives because they have failed to run the families properly. But this list o reasons is far away from completion, whatsoever the reasons or facts may be but divorce is seriously something unacceptable. Unfortunately, this threat is present in all the countries and each and every part of the world where the human beings live.


Here is the list of top 10 countries with highest divorce rate in 2014.

10. Canada:

Canada is a developed nation, but with various social problems. The people here remain too busy in coping up with the challenges of tomorrow and don’t spend time with their families. This is one of the reasons of increased divorce rate in Canada, in addition to various other family issues. It is considered that the rate of divorce in Canada during this year has increased 50 % from 2013.

9. India:

Although India is a country of rich cultural and religious values, but still it has an alarming divorce rate. The people of India are living miserable and backward lives. The lack of job opportunities and education among such people are the reasons of the divorce. The men fail to earn sufficient to support their families and thus leave their wives. The estimated rate of of divorce in India is 2100 cases annually.

8. South Korea:

The divorce rate in South Korea, during this year, has tripled as compared to 2013. The common reasons of this issue in this country are lack of mutual understanding and no time to spend with the partners, which lead them get separated.

7. Russia:

Russia, although, has become a developed and economically strong country, but the internal issues like crimes and divorce rates seem to be not ending in the near future. In Russia the rate of divorce, during 2014, has increased 65.4 % which is a serious matter indeed.

6. Ukraine:

The male community of Ukraine is of dominating nature. For them their wives are the inferior personalities and this usually becomes the reason of increased divorce rate in Ukraine. This rate has increased almost 43.5 %.

5. Italy:

Italians live hectic lives, all the men and women in Italy are professional and do different sorts of jobs. They fail to pay attention to each other and to the children and thus lack of affection becomes the reason of divorce. In Italy, the divorce rate has almost doubled than the previous two to three years.

4. South Africa:

Whenever a boy and girl in South Africa get married, they are strongly adviced by the parents and relatives to live with each other. Sounds strange? Don’t get surprised because unfortunately the South African partners love to live apart due to professional reasons. This gives rise to lack of love and sexual relationships and finally they get no room of compromise. In South Africa, 61.2 % is the current rate of divorce which was about 34.5 % in previous few years.

3. Aruba:

Divorce in Aruba is a common habit of the people belonging to villages. These live somewhat poor lives and lack of earning opportunities lead them get involved into divorce or murder like issues. The men kill their females because they don’t have anything for them to eat. This is, indeed, a very bad and shocking thing but still it’s the truth. In Aruba the males are dominating and don’t care much of their wives, this is yet another reason of divorce rate, which according to the current stat has 81 % increased.

2. United Kingdom:

It is obvious for us to understand why the divorce rate in United Kingdom is so high, definitely the people here are open minded and don’t pay too much attention to their families. If on one hand, the married men have girlfriends then on the other hand the wives are not behind the race to spend time with their boyfriends rather than the husbands. In different cities of UK, the divorce rate has doubled (about 53 %) from what it was in 2013.

1. United States of America:

USA is a nation of multicultured people. In order for the USA citizens to cope up with the challenges of advancements and development, they live really hectic lives with lots of workload, which means no time for the families. Thus, USA has the highest divorce rate in the world which has five times increased during this year as compared to 2013.

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  1. Check out #3 for a laugh… This site is spreading Factually Inaccurate information… I’m speaking particularly on #3 Aruba. Villages… really?!? Man killing wives cause they can’t feed them?!? WOW… these guys have wonderfully creative minds.

    Visit http://www.aruba.com for facts about Aruba.

  2. I do not think the statistics are correct with regard to India. I also understand that Maldives has a high rate of divorce but that doesn’t find a place here in the article. In India, still majority of the marriages take place as per the blessings of the parents, grand parents and the family (arranged marriages). In fact, traditionally, in India the bride or groom is selected by the elders in the family and in most cases the boy or the girl accept it. Hence there is always a supervision by elders. That is the tradition of India. People even after marriage keep staying with their parents and that is not considered a taboo unlike the West. In the cities (there are many) divorce rates would have gone up but it is not alarming like the West. Divorce is more common in the Southern State of Kerala, where people are highly educated and majority of women work in offices especially in government and private IT sector. It is interesting to note that divorce is more often among couple who have selected their partners themselves (love marriages).

  3. We’re number 1 ! We’re number 1 ! U.S.A ! U.S.A. !

  4. WOW… Don’t you think it just might be due to the humans average maturation every 7-10 years might influence the divorce rate? People get into relationships too quickly and detoured with children and jobs, then eventually LOOK at each other and wonder how could they be with someone who they had nothing in common with.

  5. These stats are wrong. lol. Someone needs to revise this.

  6. Indian divorced rate is not even 0.01 %

  7. What is 2100 out of 1250000000? That’s India’s divorce rate. India’s population is more than the combined population of whole of Europe OR Africa OR South & North America. Please do a little research before you poke your nose

  8. india is having 1 % of divorce rate , belgium is the highest among the world with 70% , Do analysis before you write dumpass or don’t write anymore.

  9. In the USA I sincerely think there is one aspect that deserves far more consideration than any of the aspects of this topic that were addressed. It is the institutionalized, justified, and encouraged attitude that women are NEVER responsible for their actions and choices. It is the elephant in the room that most people ignore, deny, convince themselves is just a mouse, etc.

    Freedom from responsibility is the foundation of modern feminism. Enabling this attitude by blaming men for women’s choices is throwing gas on the fire.

    If you sincerely care about this issue there is a way for you to see the perspective that I am sharing. First, think of all the expectations and accountability, social and in law, aka “enforced”, that men live with and perform voluntarily and involuntarily. Second, think of all the same for women. If you are exhaustive in your pursuit of these examples and honest about the differences you will see why women are not responsible for their actions/choices; because there is very little or no accountability at ALL. Men have expectations and unavoidable requirements and women have options and choices. This is by far and away the major cause of divorce and why 81% of them are initiated by women.

    American women have self entitled attitudes and think they can never be at fault. Divorce in the USA is a win/win for the women and a lose/lose for the men, Over 96% of alimony payers are men. Make divorce more fair for men and create a balance and the divorce numbers will inevitably come down.

    Also having a full disclosure of what divorce will do to men would prevent many divorces in the first place because men wouldn’t get married.

  10. India is often criticized because divorce is considered taboo and many couples continue to live an unhappy life after marriage never once considering divorce. It has arguably the least divorce rate in the world. Spain and Portugal on the other hand have extremely high divorce rates even higher than US.

  11. India ‘s population is second highest in the world..and closely catching up with china..compared to the population the divorce rates are extremely low. It should not have figured in the list at all..

  12. why china is not in the list , 1.4 billion chinese and their social life is also very messed up. almost over 10,000 couples got divorced in few months .

  13. Seriously! And this factually wrong is ranking on Google.

  14. Horrifying stereotypes. This writer must hate the world or think God’s judgment is necessarily falling this year.

  15. is that supposed to be english???

  16. Some of them are factually incorrect and i’m not agree with this list.

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