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Top 10 Countries with Highest Murder Rate in 2015

We cannot say that the modern world, we are living in, is a safe and facilitated place. There are so many issues and problems that have become a part of our lives. Even in this world when things are easy to manage, the humans have created so many issues for themselves. There are various ways to evaluate the crime and murder rates of different states. But we have no proper ways, unfortunately, to control their increasing ratio.

Let us see which are the top 10 countries with highest murder rate in 2015.

10. Botswana, 18.4

Botswana is a landlocked country. It is situated close to South Africa. With the passage of time, the rate of murders in Botswana has tremendously been increased. During 2009, according to a source, the murder rate was about 13. By 2012, it reached to a level of 16, and now it is over 18. Apart from murders, so many epidemics are taking the lives of innocent people.

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Countries with Highest Murder Rate

9. Nigeria, 20

Nigeria is another country with high crime and murder rate. This is one of the most populated state, situated in Africa. The rate of violence in Nigeria has increased day by day. It seems that the government has failed, to much extent, to control this ratio. According to an estimate, every 100 out of 100,000 individuals in Nigeria are victims of murders on an annual basis.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate

8. Mexico, 21.5

Mexico is one of the biggest and strongest states in the world. Its approximate area is 2 million square kilometers. Mexico is notorious for its so many issues of drug trafficking, mass killing, and kidnaps. This land has an estimated murder rate of 21.5, which has doubled as compared to last few years.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate

7. Dominican Republic, 22.1

One of the biggest Caribbean countries, the Dominican Republic has an estimated population of ten million. There are various safety and protection issues of this country. The murder rate in Dominican Republic is 22.1. This country has some very strong drug dealers, and human traffickers.

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Countries with Highest Murder Rate

6. Brazil, 25.2

Brazil is the home to thousands of kidnapers, killers, and criminals. The estimated population of Brazil is 200 million. During 2012, almost 65,000 people were killed here. The rate of murders in Brazil has reached an alarming level of 25.2. Drug dealing and alcoholism are the common problems of the people in Brazil.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate

5. Bahamas, 29.8

Bahamas is the former British crown colony. This island country is famous for its spectacular tourist attractions. It is a highly populated country, famous among tourists and businessmen. During 2013-14, 120 people were killed for ransom in this country. The rate of murder has reached to a level of 29.8 currently.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate
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4. South Africa, 31

South Africa has long been known for its amazing wildlife and interesting tourist points. This country of about 54 million people has an extremely high rate of murder, assault, and rape. Some other violent crimes are also done in this country. According to an estimate, about 40 individuals are killed on a daily basis, and the rate of murder has reached a level of 31.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate

3. Switzerland, 33.8

Switzerland can never be thought of being a dangerous country with high murder rate. But unfortunately it is so, the killing rate of this land has reached the level of 33.8. Here the tourists come to spend lovely moments, but enormous criminals and kidnappers, just to threaten the government, kidnap and kill these visitors on a mass scale. Other than this, people lose their lives due to severe diseases like AIDS etc.

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Countries with Highest Murder Rate

2. Lesotho, 38

Lesotho is a little African country. By location and size, it is a small state, having uncontrollable homicide rate. An estimate says that more than half of Lesotho’s population is living miserable life. This is said to be the reason of increased murder rate. Here the criminals and murderers remain active to kidnap some rich individuals for the sake of money. The rate of murder in this country is 38.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate

1. Jamaica, 39.3

Jamaica has occupied an area of 4150 square miles almost. This is one of the representatives of the Caribbean. For a decade or two, this state has remained notorious with extremely high homicide rate. According to statistics, the murder rate and crimes in Jamaica have increased during 2014, which are common in big cities like Kingston.

Countries with Highest Murder Rate