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Top 10 Countries with Water Shortage in 2014

World is hurtling towards a future with excess of water. It is absolutely true that the shortage of water and natural resources is what making the human beings worried about their future. There is a strong need of fulfilling the demand of water before a day comes when its shortage becomes a serious threat for our lives. In some parts of the world, the water shortage has already become a serious problem. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 countries with water shortage in 2014.

10. Turkmenistan

According to stats, Turkmenistan is facing serious shortage of water, and the country will have no water till 2020. A study of 2010 by the British consultancy Maplecroft reveals that this country’s more than half land has desert and dryness. It is at extreme risk of instability which is the result of poor access to clean water.

Countries with Water Shortage

9. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries which have extreme shortage of water. This is said to be because of two reasons; first is the depletion of resources which can work against the prolong drought, and the second if careless use of water and mis-management of its resources. Average annual inflow of the Indus and its tributaries is 41.61 maf, and 97% of which is used for agricultural purposes, and 3% for domestic and industrial use. The country has lost over 50% of its clean water.

Countries with Water Shortage

8. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is another country with shortage of water. Here the water issues have always been serious. Presently, 90 percent of the republic’s water resources are used for irrigation. The authorities need to address the problems and make the drinking water available. To some extent, the issue has been resolved but still wheat crops and cotton already endure massive losses.

Countries with Water Shortage

7. Iraq

In Iraq, about 32% population has access to clean drinking water. The rest of the people have to rely upon unclean and salty water to drink. Also, there is only 16% good sewage system, according to the Ministry of Water Resources. Helpless groups, such as internally displaced people (IDPs), are left with no option but to drink from rivers. The government needs to take serious measures and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Countries with Water Shortage

6. Sudan

Sudan is facing serious ecological disaster like water scarcity and desertification. The demand of water is increasing day-by-day, but its readily availability to inhabitants remains lower. The citizens are at high possibility for contracting waterborne diseases. About 500 deaths are recorded to have caused by diarrhea in only four months and with Cholera-causing bacterium present in stool samples in 2006 in this country. So, the government needs to take serious measures before its too late.

Countries with Water Shortage

5. Mauritania

Water supply in Mauritania is running out in the capital of Mauritania named Nouakchott. Also, the other cities of this state are facing serious shortage of water. It rains on average six days each year in most of its cities, which is why water shortage is becoming a serious problem. The old underground lake that supplies water in the city has become dry to much extent.

Countries with Water Shortage

4. Egypt

Egypt is facing serious risks of water shortage because of Nile pollution. The level of pollution in the Nile has climbed in the last two decades. It is why, it is necessary for the citizens to have excess of drinking water. Various cases of mass poisoning have been reported in many areas of Egypt. The irrigation minister also needs to improve the irrigation system in the country, and remove the water pollution.

Countries with Water Shortage

3. Syria

Syria has serious shortage of water supply to most parts of the city of Aleppo. The government and NGOs need to take part to find alternative sources. Water has stopped flowing not only into government-held areas but also in every part of the state.

Countries with Water Shortage

2. Somalia

Somalia is being a water scarce war-ravaged country. It suffers from all types of water scarcities. Somalia is located in a tremendous water scarce area, where there are various water resources. Unfortunately, the mis-management of the government has led the citizens to suffer with shortage of pure drinking water. Both the human and financial resources need to be made well-versed and a good infrastructure need to be built to deal with the water shortage.

Countries with Water Shortage

1. Niger

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Since a decade or two, drought cycles and desertification have been the reason of water and food shortage in this land. In 2005 a drought and locust infestation led the citizens to suffer with food and water shortage, and the limit reached up to up to 2.5 million people.

Countries with Water Shortage

Are you living in any of these countries? If yes, then how have been your experience with the water shortage?