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Top 10 Countries with Largest Armies in 2015

In today’s world it is very tough to ensure the complete safety of a country. The individuals primarily need complete protection. The role of an army force in this regard cannot be ignored. The armies are necessary for the survival of nations as these show existence of courage, bravery, and strength. Let us check the list of top 10 countries with largest armies in 2015.

Countries with Largest Armies

10. Pakistan

The armed force of Pakistan is well established. It has always played significant role in the organization and safety of the country. It tends to maintain the feelings of nationhood since the formation of Pakistan. It has developed relationships with the military powers of countries like China. There are over 617,000 courageous personnel serving the nation.

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Army of Pakistan

9. Turkey

The military forces of Turkey are termed as Turkish Armed Forces. Turkey won the independence war in 1992 and remained neutral till the closure of World War II. On February 18, it initiated the military planning, and established its own forces equipped with advanced weapons. Turkey has over 664,060 soldiers who are doing fabulous job to protect the country from inside and outside conflicts.

Army of Turkey

8. South Korea

The military force of South Korea is known as the Republic of Korea Armed forces or ROK Armed Forces. This is one of the countries with largest military forces. It ensures the defense of the people from both internal and external issues. There are around 687,000 military personnel in it.

Army of South Korea

7. Egypt

The Egyptian army has around 468,500 military personnel. It is a well established force that works against the internal and external enemies. Its military persons are good enough and well trained that serve the people day and night under the supervision of government.

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Army of Egypt

6. Iran

Iran is a Muslim country. It has abundant natural resources and was established in 1925. The army of Iran has more than 523,000 personnel. Its officers are well trained and got training in top notch European and American military academies. Iran has imported most of its weapons from America to make sure that it becomes one of the countries with largest armies.

Army of Iran

5. India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. Its army has more than 1,325,000 soldiers that serve the nation in the best possible ways. It has good relationship with Russia, America, and other states. It continuously protects the state from the possible attacks of borders of China and Pakistan.

Army of India

4. Russian Federation

The military services of Russia were established in 1992. This is one of the countries with largest armies. Its military personnel are provides with advanced weapons and facilities. This country has almost 1,040,000 active military members and over 2 million reserve military members.

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Army of Russian Federation

3. North Korea

North Korea is another country with large armed force. It is known as Korean People’s Army and was established in 1930. It is the one of the countries with largest armies. It is proud of its well established military power and latest weapons. This country has around 1,106,000 soldiers, and all are provided with top notch facilities.

Army of North Korea

2. China

China is by size one of the largest countries in the world. It has top notch military power and army. There are around 2,285,000 soldiers serving at the borders and within the cities with a purpose to maintain the repute of the country by providing the people with complete peace and harmony.

Army of China

1. United States of America

USA is one of the countries with largest armies. It has over 1,458,219 soldiers. America always draws its armed forces from a collection of paid volunteers. Its soldiers are well trained, and always ready to act with courage and bravery in emergency situations.

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Army of United States of America

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