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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animal Species in the World

Animals are among the loveliest creatures of God. Some of them are wild and known to be dangerous, while others are very friendly and kind to human beings. Whatsoever the specie of an animal is, we cannot stop loving and appreciating them because they are a part of our nature.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to distinguish between cute and dangerous animals. Even the birds can be dangerous. Let us check the list of top 10 most dangerous animal species in the world.

10. Stonefish

The Stonefish lives its life on the ocean floor. This is an ugly looking and very dangerous animal type. It is, sometimes, responsible for mass destruction in the seas and oceans. The stonefish eat other fish and has powerful jaws. It is capable to digest a small fish in less than two seconds.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

9. Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo is one more dangerous animal specie. It has never been a successful domestic animal. This unpredictable creature is known to kill human beings, other buffaloes, and cows. These are mainly found in America and African countries. The other two names of Cape Buffalo are “widowmaker”, and “black death”.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

8. Poison Dart Fog

The poison dart fog is a colorful amphibian, having only two inches height. But it is enough dangerous. This tiny creature is known to have enough poison that can take the lives of 20,000 mice, and several human beings at a time. We can also call it one of the animals with extremely dangerous poison. This worse animal’s poison lies in its skin. Stay away from it if you happen to see anywhere around.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

7. Boomslang

The Boomslang is another dangerous animal specie that is usually considered to be shy—but trust me it is absolutely not. These generally don’t attack the human beings until they see some humans wanting to destroy their colonies or someone who tries to hunt them. In such situation, the Boomslang prove to be highly dangerous and can kill you in no time. Its venom is a hemotoxin that can disable blood clotting. The victims die slowing and they have to suffer from the severe blood lose.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

6. Hyena

The Hyena is one of the major predators in the world. It can attack the human beings, and are known to kill other animals as well. After the sunset, hyenas get out of their living areas and start spreading all over the forest for searching their food. Upon a bite, their venom can kill the life, and may lead the victim to suffer from paralysis.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

5. Leopard

These animals are commonly known the world over. Most of us love leopards because of their cute look. But let me tell you that these animals are very much dangerous. These wound their victim in no time. The leopards have been much watched on the geographic channels. These tore the body of their hunt into pieces in a couple of minutes.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

4. Carpet Viper

The Carpet Viper is one more dangerous and life-killing animal type. It is said to be responsible for most of the snake-related deaths in the world. Its saliva has hemotoxin which is very much poisonous, and can lead the humans to suffer from immediate death, heart attack, brain hemorrhage, and paralysis. This viper even kills the other animals and leads them to slow bleeding, followed by death.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

3. African Lion

It is true that the African lions look very beautiful, but one should not go with their looks. These are, in fact, dangerous animals for the human beings. They feed on buffaloes, cows, and several other animals found in the forest. Sometimes, the African lions can even attack the human beings and this is why, are kept away from the cities.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

2. Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros is a terrible animal. What they do is that they attack their hunts. These are known to have an extremely fast speed, up to 40 mph. It is due to their high speed that staying safe from these animals can be a tough task. These are mainly found in USA, Canada, and Africa.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

1. Komodo Dragon

The komodo dragon looks like polar bears. These aren’t picky eaters, means they can attack any other animal or even the human being for feeding purposes. Mostly these dragons eat birds, fish, and water buffaloes like species. They are prodigious hunters, and can kill the human beings in a shorter timeframe.

Most Dangerous Animal Species

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