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Top 10 most Dangerous Animals in the World

Sometimes it is really difficult for us to distinguish between a dangerous and save animal, but this happens very rare. The spread of knowledge, scientific and technology advancements have greatly helped us know about the universe and species of our planet. Now we have easy access to the geographic channels and internet to know about different living organisms, we can well distinguish the advantageous and disadvantageous animals. I brainstormed a lot to prepare a best list of top 10 most dangerous animals in the world for the readers, so here you are;

asian cobra - dangerous animals in the world

10. Box Jellyfish:

This dangerous and highly poisonous jellyfish is found in the Pacific oceans. Basically its origin is from Australia but it keeps on moving into the deep waters and reaches other continents as well. Box jellyfish is also known as Chironex Fleckeri and is equipped with needle-like cnidocysts which it uses to kill the hunts.

9. Dart Frog:

Just like the box jellyfish, Dart frog is a highly poisonous and dangerous animal on the earth. It belongs to the Dendrobatidae family. It is found in South African forests and is said to be dangerous enough to kill over 12 humans at one time.


8. Polar Bear:

Don’t go with the beauty and appeal of the polar bear as it is a highly dangerous and life-killing animal. The average weight of a polar bear is something from 400 kg to 750 kg. It is a powerful predator and can kill the human beings with a sudden attack. The polar bears usually live in cold areas of the world and cannot survive in warm environments.


7. Crocodile:

Crocodile is a dangerous animal, we know it, but more than how much dangerous it is, we hate its appearance. Crocodile kills its hunts with its sharp and long teeth. It is found in almost all parts of the world where rivers, oceans and seas are present. Crocodile can survive both in water and on land but most of its life it spends in water.


6. African Honeybee:

Usually we don’t take honeybees to be dangerous but this African honeybee is not what you think. It is a highly aggressive animal which kills the humans and animals who try to chase its nests and swarms.


5. Cone Snake:

Living hundreds of miles away from cone snake will be an ideal option for you, because it contains a highly dangerous poison in its teeth which it might insert into your body with a small bite.


4. White Sharks:

Although we already know how much dangerous the sharks are, but these white sharks are serious terrible even more than your imagination. These are usually found in large oceans and seas and can bleed the water in no time if they hunt the water-divers.


3. Cape Buffalo:

We cannot imagine if a buffalo can be so dangerous but this is true, this Cape Buffalo is a domestic yet unpredictable animal. It is found in the Cape Town, Africa and is know to be heavy weighted animal. Sometimes in its aggressiveness, it can attack its owner and kill him at the spot.


2. Blue Octopus:

The nature has made this blue octopus beautifully but you have to be aware with the fact that it is a highly venomous marine animal. Its blue sharp looking rings give it a beautiful and cute look, but the incredible paddles of the octopus are the point of danger for the humans and other animals living around.


1. Asian Cobras:

When we hear of the name of cobra, we start imagining the different adventurous and horror movies made on these deadliest creatures. It is true that all the species of cobra are highly dangerous but Asian cobra is still ranked at the top of the list just because the venom it inserts into its hunt’s body is one of the most threatening and life-killing venom forms in the world, which means no chances of survival for the victim.

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