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Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in the World

Birds are often associated with a sense of peacefulness. Nature has gifted us with various beautiful and colorful birds, which belong to different origins and habitats. One thing I would like to tell you that birds are not always peaceful, so considering them to be friendly isn’t the good idea. There are various birds which are cruel, and leave a careless path of death for their hunts. These amazing creatures of God are nice to be kept as pet, but before you consider keeping some birds at home, be assured that they aren’t dangerous and life-killing.

Let us check out the top 10 most dangerous birds in the world.

10. American Coot 

As is clear with their name, the American Coots are found in America and parts of Canada. But most of their species are native to America. These birds have scrawny-like legs and dark body colors. These white face birds are found in areas where excessive water is present. We shouldn’t confuse American Coot with ducks.

Most Dangerous Birds

9. Anhinga

Anhinga birds are also called Snake Birds. It rises up from swamps and has very sharp bill to attack the other birds and animals wandering close to its habitat. Anhinga spends most of its time in water and makes weird growling call. The color of Anhinga is black and looks really terrifying.

Most Dangerous Birds

8. Junco

Junco birds are V-shaped strange birds, found in forests and mountainous areas of North America. Although their size is small but they are extremely aggressive in nature. Junco has long features and is colored brown, with a short neck and cute looking legs.

Most Dangerous Birds

7. North Island Kiwi 

North Island Kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand. His bird has small legs and long beak and looks really odd. This enormous, ghastly bird is mostly seen perched atop garbage dumps. These lives in groups but can individually attack their preys, most of which are animals and other small and large birds.

Most Dangerous Birds

6. Great Gray Shrike

The Great Gray Shrike is a funny crow like innocent bird. It is said to be one of the most adorable songbirds in the world. These birds hammer themselves to death once they’re approached. Grey Shrikes lack talon and are able to drag their preys to the nearby bushes.

Most Dangerous Birds

5. Spoonbills

Spoonbills are among the most stunning and scary looking birds in the world. Their legs look like the legs of dinosaurs. The Spoonbill has sharp beak and triangular-shaped tongue. These birds eat fishes and shrimps from the water and make their bills in wet places.

Most Dangerous Birds

4. Inca Tern 

Inca Tern’s mustache is distinctive and helps it enjoy reproductive procedure successfully. These birds usually live in natural forests and green lands. Most of them are present in South Africa, America and parts of Asia where so much greenery is present. These birds are capable to become shocking predators and can grasp ducks and other waterbirds, and even eat the bigger birds.

Most Dangerous Birds

3. Marabou Stork

Marabou Storks are the truly very dangerous and life-killing birds. These are bigger in size, which sometimes reach up to 5 feet (1.5 meters), and they weigh more than the various similar birds. Marabou Stork have fleshy, featherless heads which are often stained with blood, and these birds are famous with the name of “undertaker birds”. They chase predators the whole day and kill them whenever hungry for instant eating and bringing home for their babies.

Most Dangerous Birds

2. African Crowned Eagle

These birds are excessively found in South-Central and East Africa. These are known to be man-eaters, which mean in addition to make other birds and animals their prey, African Crowned Eagles also eat human flesh. Antelope is another favored food source for their super-raptors.

Most Dangerous Birds

1. Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Vulturine Guinea Fowl are among the creepiest birds in the world. They are known for their aggressive nature and strange appearance. These birds use their sharp beak to hunt group of chickens and small bird species. They attack and kill other animals and even the big mammals to obtain their food. The Vulturine Guinea Fowl has big red eyes and sharp spurs.

Most Dangerous Birds
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