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Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in the World

When it comes for us to think of a gun, its imagination scares us to much extent. A gun is always used to kill someone and take his/her life in no time. The use of a gun is illegal until you have its license. Here are the top 10 most dangerous guns in the world.

NOTE: This article’s purpose is not for convince people to do crime. But it is just a short review about guns for who love it and has authority to buy it and use it under law only. So please keep our world safe without any violence & have fun to review together with our top ten list of strong guns in the world here. Thank you!

10. Thompson M192 Machine Gun:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World
Thompson M192 is a powerful machine gun. This is one of the most dangerous guns in the world and is capable to shot more than 500 round in a couple of minutes.

9. XM307 ACSW Machine Gun:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

XM307 ACSW is another wonderful and fully featured machine gun you can have by getting a proper license. What makes this gun amazing is that it has advances shooting power and targets the criminals very quickly.
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8. Heckler and Koch HK MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

In case some thief has entered your house, then you should make sure that you are having Heckler and Koch HK MG4 gun with you. This is a 5.6 mm caliber gun. It was first created by a famous company of Germany named as Heckler and Koch. This gun was first launched in 2001 and is a highly effective gun.

7. F2000 Assault Rifle:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

F2000 Assault Rifle is yet another wonderful and automatic gun to have. This was first developed by a famous company of Belgium, named as FN Herstal. The gun was first presented at a display of Abu Dhabi. It comprises of 5.67 mm caliber and effective shooting.

6. Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

Kalashnikov AK-47 is one of the most dangerous guns in the world. It was first invented in 1946 for the military trials. This gun is presented by Mikhail Kalashnikov and is inexpensive to have. Its features have been revised and updated to make it much more effective than it was in the previous generations.

5. DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

DSR-Precision is a heavy weight gun. Its weight is about 10 kg and is one of the high dangerous guns in the world. It is capable to help you target your enemies from a long distance with great comfort.

4. UZI Machine Gun:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

UZI machine gun is about 3 kg in weight. This is a powerful gun and comes with plenty of irresistible features. You can have this gun but before that proper licensing is needed.

3. MG3 Machine Gun:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

This is a wonderful 7.6 mm caliber gun. It has plenty of other features like it is able to shot 1000 rounds in one minute. The gun was first introduced in 1950 but then it underwent some revision to make it fully featured and better equipped.

2. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

Accuracy international AS50 sniper rifle weighs only 14 kg. This gun is loaded with plenty of features and was launched only a few years ago.

1. Heckler and Koch HK416:

Most Dangerous Guns in the World

HK416 is yet another great and one of the most dangerous guns in the world by the company Hackler and Koch. This Germany’s gun is loaded with 5.5mm caliber and other finest features. It has a stroke piston and is very light weight.

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  1. Great knowledge, good information. Keep posting.

  2. I think shotgun most dangerous weapon in the world.

  3. These are call of duty guns. Are u twelve

  4. This a poorly written list…half of the guns aren’t machineguns, half of them are not labeled properly, have of them have the wrong pictures.

  5. What is this?!? It feels like a middle schooler wrote this. It would be nice to get some actual photoes, and in addition alot more detail. Also, upon referencing your writing, you most likely never shot these guns yourself, you cant tell me anything about these guns. Over that, you missed out the worlds deadliest machine guns that can tear down essentialy a wall inside of your home. You are forgetting things like the m1013 minigun, and other new guns that are out there. Where in the world does a WWII gun belong in here?!? Also, Knights Armament’s SR-25 or M110 would outmatch an hk416 any day, with 7.62mm rounds or the choice of 5.56 rounds in most cases, with less weight and better accuracy; thus. why the US Navy uses them instead of the overpriced, cheaply made HK’s. To finaly end my statement of your failed atempt in this article you had written Hackler and Koch. Dude, it’s Heckler and Koch, you clearly have not the research nor the knowledge of english literature to write this article.

  6. The amount of fail in this article is unbelievable. What criteria is this based on? It’s definitely not ordered by caliber, cycling rate, or crime statistics. There’s already enough ignorance and misinformation about firearms out there already please stop spewing non sense. Oh and I’m not much of a grammar guy, but take an english class.

  7. The most dangerous firearm in the world is the one in well trained hands. If you can’t hit your target an AS50 is no more a danger to the target than a BB gun.

  8. What kind of toys are these. This list is too fake and unreal.omg.please delete these.

  9. Obviously this list was written by an idiot who has no clue about firearms and has most likely never handled a real gun at all!
    BTW your number 10 is an MG42 not a Thompson..geez!

  10. A gun is always used to kill someone? I hate to break it to you but I shot my AR-15 today at the range and did not kill anyone.

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