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Top 10 Deadliest Sports That Can Kill You

We cannot say that the sports aren’t life-threatening. There are certainly various sports in which the risks of life, injuries and accidents are higher than the others. Despite the fact that the sports are a way to keep you healthy, these can also be dangerous so require a lot of precautions to take care of. Here are the top 10 deadliest sports that can kill you if measures are not taken in a proper way.

10. Street Luging:

Deadliest Sports

Street Luging was evolved from skateboarding. In this game a male or female lies flat on a luge board and rolls downwards on a highway automatically. The momentum takes place slowly but gradually it becomes high and the chances to get injured increase. A lot of attention and keen stamina is required to perform well in this sport.

9. Base Jumping:

Deadliest Sports

Base jumping is one of the most extreme sports in the world. This is an attempt to control the bull and jump over its back. A parachute is used by the participants for his safety. This game was initiated in 1981 and since then over 300 games have been played all over the world.

8. Heli-Skiing:

Deadliest Sports

The heli-skiing is a well paying sport. In it the participants jump from the helicopter on an untouched snowcap. The helicopter runs with a great speed, but who cares when the player has thought of jumping and making the record. This game was started in 1994.

7. Bull Riding:

Deadliest Sports

Don’t confuse bull riding with bull jumping because both are different games. The bull riding includes the straddling of about 1700 pounds. The player is usually cushioned for security reasons but the bull can still tore him into pieces if it gets weird.

6. Motorcycle Racing:

Deadliest Sports

Motorcycling or motorcycle racing is one of the deadliest sports in the world. It includes driving one’s bike with too high speed and targeting a specific distance in order to win the race. The drivers have to be very careful because this is an extremely dangerous sport, can even lead them to death.

5. Running of the Bulls:

Deadliest Sports

Running of the bulls is basically a game in which the bulls run in a big ground and compete one another. The bulls are not at all alone, yes of course the riders are sitting on their back and guiding them towards the correct directions. The speed of the bulls is extremely high, thus this sport is considered to be a highly dangerous sport.

4. Big Wave Surfing:

Deadliest Sports

The big wave surfing includes the padding into the big water waves. It can be as high as 50-100 ft. The surfers are to be the master of the game and are equipped with the safety items such as eardrum protectors etc.

3. Cheerleading:

Deadliest Sports

Cheerleading is a king of dance and sexy movements. This is an interesting yet dangerous sport. It includes the dancing with extremely high speed, and not leaving the moves at any cost. This can lead you to injuries and even you might have to suffer with serious wounds. So be careful while participating in this game.

2. Cave Diving:

Deadliest Sports

The cave diving usually includes diving into the deep water caves. The divers learn the tricks and techniques before participating in this sport. They also know that the temperatures of the cave can be from high to extremely low. So far more than 1000 divers have lost their lives in this game, but guess what still we are interested to become cave divers.

1. High Altitude Climbing:

Deadliest Sports

The high altitude climbing is the sport that includes the male and female in swimming suits to climb from extreme heights. This is yet another one of the deadliest sports that can kill you. The players still take much interest in it because they not only get fame but also win high amounts as the winning award.

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  1. Why not horseback riding? Hundreds of people die each year from it and tens of thousands of people being rushed to the emergency room due to head injury’s from getting kicked in the head. There are stories of body parts being broken and having shattered bones if a horse falls on you. Horseback riding is extremely dangerous!