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Top 10 Most Endangered Forests in the World

Forests cover a big part of our earth. These are home to more than 70% terrestrial biodiversity. Both fauna and flora reside there. Some of the species in forests are known, while others are unknown for human beings. The process of extreme deforestation has resulted in the cutting of trees and many forests are in danger of being disappeared from the face of the earth. Let us have a look at the list of top 10 most endangered forests in the world.

10. New Caledonia, Asia-Pacific

New Caledonia is an endangered forest of Asia-Pacific. This is a small hotspot situated in the South Pacific towards the south of the Melanesian region, and east of Australia. The forest has been cut for its rare plants. It is the hub of various endemic fauna and flora, and has about two-third of its portion consisting of the Araucaria trees.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

9. Philippines, Asia-Pacific

The Philippines forest approximately consists of over 7000 islands. It has about six thousand plant species. This forest is the hub of various types of animals like the Philippine eagle, amphibians, and tigers etc. This forest is in danger because much of its part has been cut for obtaining previous wood. The forest has timber trees that are cut for making furniture items.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

8. Sundaland, Asia-Pacific

The Sundaland hotspot is covers about half of Indo-Malaysia’s archipelago of 15000 equatorial islands including Borneo and Sumatra. The forest has unique fauna and flora. The hunters come here to hunt some rare animals. Here Asian rhino species are also found. The forest’s much portion is being cut for industries. Commercial items like rubber, oil palm, and pulp are also obtained from it.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

7. Indo-Burma, Asia Pacific

The Indo-Burma is another forest of Asia-Pacific. It has tropical and subtropical moist, and is the home to various birds, turtles, and amphibians. The aquatic ecosystem of the forest comprises of giant catfish and Jullien’s golden carp. Here there are bundles of shrimps found in ponds. Overfishing and overhunting have resulted in the disturbance of this forest’s ecosystem and natural habitat.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

6. Eastern Afromontane, Africa

This forest is located along the eastern edge of Africa, from Saudi Arabia towards the northern Zimbabwe. It is the home to Podocarpus, Juniperus, bamboo, Hagenia, etc. The forest has variety of mammals, birds, and dangerous animals, and about 600 fish in its lakes. The forest is in danger because it is excessively being visited for obtaining fish, precious wood, and animals that are brought to zoos.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

5. Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands, Africa

This particular forest consists of tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf environment. It is the hub of over fifty lemur species, and has a range of unique animals, birds, insects, and plants. The forest’s side trees have been cut down for agricultural and industrial purposes. Over-hunting, and timber extraction are the two other reasons for it to become endangered.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

4. Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa

The Coastal Forest of Eastern Africa is somewhat tiny and is known for its subtropical broadleaf, and species like the Tana River red colobus, the Tana River mangabey, and the Zanzibar red colobus. The immigrants often visit here to hunt the animals. Also this forest is widely liked by agriculturists and industrialists for maintaining and developing their business. About 10% of its habitat has been disturbed.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

3. Mountains of South-West China, Asia Pacific

The Mountains of Southwest China is situated in the Asia-Pacific region. It has the temperate coniferous, and a wide range of fauna and flora. The forest is the home to giant pandas, and has many species in its rivers. Illegal hunting, overgrazing, and firewood collection are the main threats to its biodiversity. The forest’s 12% natural habitat has been disturbed.

Most Endangered Forests in the World


2. Atlantic Forest, South America

The Atlantic Forest has extended along the Atlantic coast of Brazil. It has the offshore archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. The forest is known for its tropical and subtropical environment and comprises of 20,000 plant species. Here there are various vertebrates, and birds like lion tamarins, tigers, elephants, and others. It has been in danger of being disappeared because of overhunting and cutting of trees.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

1. California Floristic Province, North America

The California Floristic Province of North America is known for its Mediterranean-type climate. The forest covers a big portion of North America, and is the hub of small and large American birds and animals. Commercial farming, pollutions, and overhunting are the major threats to this. It has been barred about 14%, and is likely to be more if measures are not taken.

Most Endangered Forests in the World

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