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Top 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World 2015

It is true that all of us value our pets and never like to compare them with some expensive animals. There are thousands of plants and animals that are known for their beautiful appearance, and more than this they belong to rare species, that is why are costly. Think of some luxurious pets or wild animals. A lot of them can be seen in zoos, jungles, and other places. Let us see the list of top 10 most expensive animals in the world 2015.

10. De Brazza’s Monkey – USD3,000 to USD4,000

De Brazza’s Monkey is an expensive and rarely found animal. It has gotten its name from French traveler Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. It is also known as swamp monkey, and is found mainly in swamplands of Central Africa. The cost of this monkey is very high, and it lives for not more than 25 years in the forests and about 30 years in custody. These are timid, suspicious, and territorial creatures that live in the form of groups, and tend to be very active.

Most Expensive Animals

9. Stag Beetle – USD6,000

The three inch Stag Beetle is sold at around USD6000. For the first time, this animal was sold by a Japanese breeder, and got his money on the spot for this weird, but rare living thing. This animal is known to be a good pet. It can be distinguished for its red and blood-like curling mandibles. Its antlers overhang from its black head. It belongs to the Lucanidae family.

Most Expensive Animals

8. Sir Lancelot Encore – USD8,000

Sir Lancelot Encore is another expensive animal, and was first found years ago. In 2008 Just past Edgar and Nina Otto had lost their adored dog Lancelot who died of cancer. The Florida couple welcomed Lancelot back home just a few years after. This is of the same gene, actually. The dog is friendly to its owners, and can be an ideal pet for you—if you can afford to pay that high price for it.

Most Expensive Animals

7. Green Monkey – USD10,000

Don’t get confused with its name, because it is not a monkey. The Green Monkey is actually a horse. This race horse was first purchased by Demi O’Byrne at the Calder Race Course, worth USD10,000. At that time, the horse was only two years old. Its offspring are the Kentucky Derby champions. This horse was retired from the game on February 12, 2008. Now it’s kids are often seen in different horse races.

Most Expensive Animals

6. Tibetan Mastiff – USD13,000

The Tibetan Mastiff is a puppy that was first sold at high price in China, worth USD13,000. Now these have become the symbol of wealth among Chinese. This breed is rare but highly liked by China’s individuals, and is known for its luxurious class of dog. The largest of their class has been considered as 32 inches tall, weighing more than 150 lbs.

Most Expensive Animals

5. Missy – USD15,000

Miss Missy is a white Holstein Cow that was auctioned for USD15,000. This is world’s most expensive cow so far. At that time, it she was three years old, and was sold on November 11, 2009. In 2009, Missy was crowned the majestic champion of the Western Fall National Show.

Most Expensive Animals

4. Toucan – USD15,000 to USD17,000

Toucan is one of the most beautiful and expensive animals worldwide. Its name has been derived from the Portuguese word ‘Tupi tucana’. This is a royal bird, found mainly in South and Central America, Southern Mexico and the Caribbean. Its family has about forty different creatures, all are costly.

Most Expensive Animals

3. Hyacinth Macaw – USD18,000

The Hyacinth Macaw is not only the largest macaw class, but also the biggest flying parrot in the world. Its cost is USD18,000, and it is present in central and eastern South America. Due to its tremendous repute of being a nice home pet, the Hyacinth Macaw is loved by Americans. These have a powerful beak that is used for eating seeds, and nuts.

Most Expensive Animals

2. White Lion Cubs – USD20,000

The White Lion Cubs are really odd. These are white in color, and have recessive DNA. Bear in mind that it is not an albino. They have somewhat different appearance from the regular lions, and their colors also vary. These are home-grown to South Africa’s Timbavati area.

Most Expensive Animals

1. Palm Cockatoo – USD23,000

The Palm Cockatoo is famous for its black or smoky grey color and the visible red spot on its head. This parrot’s cost is around USD23,000. It is the member of monotypic class, Probosciger. The Palm Cockatoo is 55–60 cm in length and its weight is 1,200 g. it was first discovered in 1788 by German natural scientist Gmelin.

Most Expensive Animals

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