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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World in 2014

Buying a house is one of the toughest decisions of one’s life. We usually give preference to spacious homes with several rooms that fit the capacity of our family size. Those with limited budget willingly or unwillingly go for cheaper and small-sized houses. But if your budget permits, then you should make sure that your house is spacious enough to become a dreamy place for your whole family to live in. Let us check out the list of top 10 most expensive houses in the world in 2014.

10. One Hyde Park–USD150 Million

This house is situated in London, and is one of the most beautiful and expensive houses. What makes it special is the very spacious building, which is expanded in an area of 385,000 square foot. The house has various rooms, three indoor gardens, and lovely interiors which together give it a lovely and gorgeous look.

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9. The Manor–USD170 Million

The Manor is another expensive house, situated in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Its price is around USD170 million. The owner of this house is Heiress Petra Ecclestone who has spent huge amounts in this house’s decoration and renovation.

Most Expensive Houses

8. Toprak Mansion–USD180 Million

Toprak Mansion is another lovely, spacious and beautiful house. It is located in London, England. The price of this house is around USD180 million. It has a Turkish-style bathroom spacious enough to be a fit for over 150 individuals at a time. Also this house has 7 bedrooms, two beautiful kitchens, and a spacious garden spread in an area of 2 acre.

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7. Hearst Mansion–USD200 Million

Hearst Mansion is situated in San Simeon, California, USA. Its worth is approximately USD200 million. The architecture and development of this house has been completed under the supervision of Julia Morgan. Now it is being visited by over 1 million tourists every year.

Most Expensive Houses

6. Antilia–USD215 Million

Antilia’s price is around USD215 million. This house is located in Mumbai, India. It is special in terms of having over 25 floors. This house is currently being owned by Mukesh Ambani (Chairman of Reliance Industries), and is being maintained by around 500 people, who work in its different sections of renovation and decoration.

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5. Fluer De Lys–USD230 Million

Fluer De Lys is another beautiful and expensive house of Los Angeles, CA, USA. Its price is around USD230 million. This wide mansion is covering an approximate area of 65000 square foot. It has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, theater suitable for 50 people, indoor gym, and a pool house.

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4. Victorian Villa–USD240 Million

Victorian Villa is situated in Ukraine. This house’s cost is around USD240 million. It is bought by Ukrainian business women named Elena Franchuk.

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3. Hala Ranch–USD250 Million

Located in Aspen, Colorado, USA, Hala Ranch is expanded in an area of around 95 acres. This beautiful house has over 15 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and one car wash area. The house is not only wide, but also extremely beautiful.

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2. Star Wood State–USD260 Million

Star Wood State is situated in Aspen, CA, USA. This luxurious house of America has 7 bedrooms, Jacuzzi, mountain view bar and indoor pool. It is beautifully renovated and has marvelous interior decoration.

Most Expensive Houses

1. Waterfront State–USD280 Million

Situated in Bosporus, Istanbul, Waterfront State has beautiful waterfall in its front-side. The cost of this house is around USD280 million. It has been marvelously constructed with precious wood-choice, and rare forms of marble.

Most Expensive Houses

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