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Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Nike is one of the most famous and biggest brands in the world for shoe lovers. I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t like to give a try to Nike shoes. It is not only their look but also their comfort level, styles, colors, design and of course the price what make us get attracted towards Nike shoes. Here we have given a list of top 10 most expensive Nike shoes so that you can get the chance to know how stylish and bold these shoes are considered to be and how well priced they are.

10. Michael Jordan Shoes:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The shoes of the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan have been sold at a price of USD4 million. These are stylish and beautiful shoes and get a lot of appreciations the world over every year.

9. Rory McIlroy Shoes:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Rory’s Nike shoes are making USD6 million per pair. These wonderful and beautiful shoes are the favorite of Rory McIlroy from the golf this is why named after his name.

8. Tiger Woods:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The tiger woods are the wild looking and beautiful Nike shoes. They come in varying colors and designs with highest level of comfort for the wearers. Tiger woods are priced USD10 million per pair.

7. LeBron James:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes
These are the beautiful and stylish basketball shoes loved by the real famous players in the world. The price of LeBron James is USD12 million per pair.

6. Derek Jeter:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The style, beauty, outlook and color of Derek Jeter are highly admirable. These wonderful and appealing Nike shoes come at a price of USD16 million.

5. Rafael Nadal:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Rafael Nadal the favorite Nike shoes of tennis lovers. These come at USD15 million and are considered as comfortable wearing experience.

4. Maria Sharapova:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Maria Sharapova is a wonderful and one of the most remarkable Nike shoes, priced USD18 million and can be have from any online shoe selling stores. You would rarely found it at the nearby stores because of their high price.

3. Kobe Bryant:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Kobe Bryant is a pleasant and stylish presentation of Nike Shoe Makers. This is truly a beautiful pair of shoes, comes in unique and cool colors, priced USD20 million per pair.

2. Kevin Durant:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Kevin Durant is yet another wonderful and one of the most expensive Nike shoes in 2014. These shoes are bold and beautiful and can fit every person’s personality. They come at USD21 million per pair.

1. Roger Federer:

Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Roger Federer is the real wild tennis shoes by Nike. These shoes are quite comfortable and are sold with pride at the Nike’s online sale points at a price of USD23 million. The level of comfort Roger Federer has been presented with is really remarkable. These come in different outlooks, designs and colors so you can choose your favorite color and design as per your desire. But not all of the individuals can afford Roger Federer due to their high expense, but let me tell you that once you get to invest this much in buying such a wonderful shoe pair, you will definitely feel a pleasant difference in your personality and overall outlook, which is going to be quite impressive for others.

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