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Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in the World

We all love keeping pets, in fact many of us share most of day’s hours with these lovely creatures. Pets are a way to make fun with, and the feeling of joy we get in their company is simply out of the world. No matter you’re a lover of game animals, or exotic pets, bringing them home and taking care of them is a loveliest activity.

The most widely chosen pets are dogs, cats and birds. Getting to know about their price is one of the major concerns of pet lovers. Those who are crazy to bring these beautiful creatures home, should not worry about how much expensive their favorite pet is.

Here are the top 10 most expensive pets in the world.

10. Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Most Expensive Pets

Pacific Bluefin Tuna is one of the rarely found animals. It is said that this specie is on the verge of extinction because of their ever deteriorating rate. Tuna fish is loved by many of us as meal, because it tastes really well. So, is the condition with Bluefin which is another rarely found specie. Japan proudly sells Pacific Bluefin Tuna at alarming high rates, ranging from USD200 to USD500 per.

9. Ram

Most Expensive Pets

Surprised? Yeah, I am saying this true that rams are among the most expensive pets you should bring home. In 2009, a flawless ram was sold at the rate of USD352,000. This is why, ram is said to be a highly priced pet, which is usually priced around USD200 per in most of the countries as this is found rarely.

8. White Bengal Tigers

Most Expensive Pets

White Bengal Tigers are the beautiful species of forests. It is true that bengal tigers are among the wild animals which many of us believe that should not be brought home. But those who love tigers, never stay behind to have these tigers bought. It is another expensive pet, ideal to be kept in zoos with creamy white furry skin and beautiful blue eyes. Their selling is illegal in most of the countries, this is why, this pet’s cost is around USD100,000.

7. Arabian Horses

Most Expensive Pets

Black Arabian horses are regarded as the beautiful and expensive horse species of all time. These horses have a record of being present since ancient times, dating back to Middle East. This is why, many of pet lovers like to bring home these old breeds. The skeleton and skin of these horses are of great value. An Arabian horse costs around USD100,000 and even higher.

6. Hyacinth Macaw

Most Expensive Pets

Hyacinth Macaw is world’s largest parrot and biggest of the macaw specie. These beautiful parrots are loved by many of us to bring home. They eat hard seeds and fruits, and have immensely forceful beak. The estimated price of this South American prime bird is USD14,000.

5. White Lion Cubs

Most Expensive Pets

White lions are the rarely found species on this planet. They are considered to be found in varying colors, most of which have been totally disappeared from the face of the earth. This is might be the reason this rare breed holds high value among pet lovers and is sold at around USD138,000.

4. Savannah Cats

Most Expensive Pets

Savannah Cat is very beautiful yet wild nature cat. You should be familiar with the fact that they possess good social, mental and loyal qualities. Savannah cats are the hybrid of domestic cats and serval; the worth of this breed is determined on the basis of its abilities and intelligence. Usually it is sold at around USD1.1 million, thus is a very desirable pet in the world.

3. Chimpanzees

Most Expensive Pets

Chimpanzees are favorite zoo animals, and also appreciated by pet lovers because of its close affiliation with human. It is not usually kept at home as pet, but bringing chimpanzees home is very interesting, and this activity originated centuries ago. They have significant life lines of over 60 years. A chimpanzee is usually sold at USD60,000 and an exotic animal license is also needed.

2. German Shephard (Alsatian)

Most Expensive Pets

In March 2011, a Tibetan Mastiff was sold at USD1.5 millions in China. This made the records in the history. Even today, German shephard is sold at high price, thus it is the most expensive dog breed. These are known for their versatile role as a shrewd watch guard. A German shepherd usually costs up to USD24,000.

1. Lavender Albino Ball Python

Most Expensive Pets

Lavender Albino Ball Python is a typical breed of people with deep love for keeping pets. This snake is one of the rarest breeds. It distinguishes itself from the rest of python breeds. It is a costly pet ot bring home, which is priced around USD40,000.