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Top 10 Most Famous Coffee Chains in the World

With the passage of time, the fast food restaurants and coffee shops got too much fame. Nowadays, all of love to spend weekends out with friends and family members, enjoying delicious meal and coffee. A coffee shop is, for me, the best place to hang out and enjoy lovely time out. Getting rid of stress and extra burden of life becomes necessary for our body and mind. The magical coffee beans provide us with enough freshness and strength to get back to work with full excitement. While choosing a coffee shop, we never compromise the quality, taste and welcoming environment.

Locating the best coffee shop around can be tough for you until you don’t know which the best coffee chains are, providing amazing coffee for instant energy. Here are the top 10 most famous coffee chains in the world.

10. Tully’s Coffee

This is a Washington-based coffee maker. Tully’s Coffee was founded in 1992 in Seattle, Washington. In a couple of years, it expanded its roots to different parts of the world. Tully’s Coffee serves special milk coffees, bakery products and other eatables to the guests. With more than 200 stores alone in America, this coffee chain is one of the leading coffee makers in the world.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

9. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the leading coffee chains of the world, with its head branch situated in Canada. Its menu consists of various cream and chocolate pastries, doughnuts, milk coffee, strong coffee and green tea. If you want to choose a very delightful and simple menu then place your order here with a bunch of doughnuts and creamy coffee. Tim Hortons has over 2500 coffee shops in Canada, USA and UK.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

8. The Coffee Bean

Its complete name is ‘The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’. It is, no doubt, one of the most famous American coffee chains in the world. With its more than 900 shops alone in American and bunch of others in 23 countries across the globe, The Coffee Bean dominates the hearts of refreshing coffee lovers. While you’re here, be assured to get access to free WiFi. This coffee chain has grossed over USD500 million during 2013 and was founded in 1963 by Mona and Herbert Hyman in Los Angeles. Later on, the brand was acquired by Sunny and Victor, entrepreneurs of Singapore in 1998.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

7. Coffee Beanery

Coffee Beanery is another great coffee chain of USA. It is based Flushing, Michigan with hundreds of shops all over the world. The coffee chain was founded in 1976, and earns more from the similar coffee houses due to its delicious and flavor-rich coffee. The chain is currently having over 200 houses in USA and 150 in other countries like China, Bahrain, Cyprus, UAE, and South Korea. One can have the best taste here and the freedom to try delicious coffee along with his favorite sweet or spicy snacks.

 Most Famous Coffee Chains

6. Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffees also initiated its operation in USA. It was founded in 1979 by Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko. The brand is standing high with thousands of coffee shops all over the world especially in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It provides its customers with best quality espresso coffee, cold drinks, tea, pastries, and yummy snacks, and take good care of nutritional value of their eatables.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a brand of Massachusetts. It is not just a coffee chain, but also a doughnut manufacturer that is known for its very delicious and flavor-rich coffee and donuts, which are prepared with a perfect balance of ingredients. The coffee chain was founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, and is primarily competing Starbucks. William Rosenberg is the person responsible for such a great chain. Dunkin’ Donuts has its 10,120 stores in more than 40 countries in the world.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

4. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks enjoys a good deal of profit and amazing repute with its more than 12,200 centers all over the world. It has 1224 chains in Canada, 1000 in Japan, 851 in China, 806 in UK, and over 650 in South Korea, in addition to various others the rest of the world. Starbucks’ coffee is known for its delicious taste and high quality and the company serves the guests with various snacks, sandwiches, milk-tea varieties and other eatables to choose from.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

3. Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee was founded in 1966. Alfred Peet is the founder of this amazing and famous coffee chain. It is headquartered in BerkleyCalifornia, and is now operating successfully in different countries of the world. Two of my most favorite coffee tastes at this coffeehouse are dark coffee with cream and milk coffee with light sugar. The dark coffee is served with chicken wings or pastries.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

2. Caribou Coffee 

Caribou Coffee has more than 400 coffee shops in 40 Columbian states. This internationally recognized coffee chain offers espresso, Nescafe, cream coffee and different bakery products. Caribou Coffee has recently been acquired by a German company, Joh. A. Benckiser.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

1. Costa Coffee 

Costa Coffee started its operation in London a few years ago. The founders of this coffee chain are two Italian brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa. Nowadays, Costa Coffee has its coffee houses in more than 28 countries, with it’s headquarter situated in UK. Alone in UK, Costa Coffee has over 1300 centers. One of its most famous and biggest coffee restaurant is situated in Dubai.

Most Famous Coffee Chains

Did this list make your work of searching a coffee store easier? Do let me know!