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Top 10 Most Famous Method Man Movies

Clifford Smith, better known as Method Man, is an American actor, hip hop artist, member of the Wu-Tang Clan and record producer. He has sold more than a million copies of his debut album, “Tical,” which had been released in 1994. He has also been awarded with the “Best Rap Performance by a Duo” Grammy Award for his performance with Mary J. Blige. Even though he is probably a better hip hop artist, he has also had quite an acting career and here are top 10 of the most famous method man movies.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Method Man Movies Since 1998

10. Soul Plane – 2004

Snoop Dogg and Method Man in Soul Plane 2004
Snoop Dogg and Method Man in Soul Plane 2004
Kevin Hart’s character Nashawn Wade is receives a huge settlement after he sues an airline. Nashawn spends the money on creating the full service airline he had always dreamed and that is how the Soul Plane is born. The cast include Snoop Dog as the plane’s captain and Method Man as his cousin Muggsy, who sets up a mini casino and stripe joint on the plane.

Method Man – Good Times – Ft.Styles & Redman – Soul Plane OST

9. Garden State – 2004

Garden State - Method Man Movie
Garden State – Method Man Movie
Zach Braff stars in this film directed by himself in the role of Andrew Largeman, a struggling actor who has been on antidepressants, lithium and other mood stabilizers throughout his adult life. Method Man stars in the film in a minor role a luxury hotel’s bellhop who arranges peeping sessions of a variety of rooms in the hotel.

Method Man In A Great Scene from “Garden State”

8. Scary Movie 3 – 2003

Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 3
Even Method Man stars in a minor role as Gangsta, Scary Movie 3 is still one hilarious horror science fiction comedy parody like the rest of the films in this franchise. The film’s plot begins with the circulation of a mysterious killer video tape. The film revolves around Cindy Campbell who has seven days to prevent her death after watching the tape.

Scary Movie 3 (10/11) Movie CLIP

7. Backstage – 2000

Backstage movie Method Man
Backstage movie Method Man
The audience never knows what happens backstage, but this backstage film provides an uncensored and uncut inside look at what takes place behind the stage. Perhaps it can be considered as more of a documentary than a film, but it also includes on-stage performances not only by Method Man himself but also Jay-Z, DMX, and Method Man’s fellow Wu-Tang Clan member, Redman.

6. The Heart Specialist

The Heart Specialist 2011
The Heart Specialist 2011
Ray Howard, played by Brian White, is a charming graduate from Harvard Medical School whose specialty happens to be womanizing. However, things change when he takes up internship in south Florida at a shabby hospital under Dr. Sidney, the chief resident there. Eventually, Ray is molded into a caring and responsible doctor, with the help of his girlfriend, Doctor Z.

The Heart Specialist – Official Trailer HD

5. Sinners and Saints – 2010

Sinners and Saints
Sinners and Saints
Johnny Strong plays the role of Detective Sean Riley in this action-thriller film, whose young son has died and his marriage is failing. New Orleans, the city where Sean is a detective is plagued by a major gang war. Method Man plays Weddo, a renowned gangster whose gang is at one end of the gang war, and Detective Sean takes it upon himself to do something about it.

Sinners And Saints Movie Trailer – 2010

4. My Baby’s Daddy – 2004

My Baby's Daddy by Method Man
My Baby’s Daddy by Method Man
Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffin and Michael Imperioli star in this comedy film as three bachelor friends from the hood who discover that they have all impregnated their respective girlfriends. This discovery leads the three men on a journey filled with emotions and learning about fatherhood, love and themselves. Method Man also stars in the film as No Good, the cousin of one of the three guys.

Trailer – My Baby’s Daddy by Method Man

3. Belly – 1998

Belly Movie Method Man
Belly Movie Method Man
The film revolves around DMX and Nas in the roles of two gangster friends who deal drugs and pull armed robberies in order to make a good living. Despite relocating to one of Manhattan’s upscale sections, the two friends realize that their lives have a dead end ahead of them. Method Man stars in the role of Shameek aka Father Sha.

Belly – Trailer

2. The Mortician – 2012

The Mortician Method Man
The Mortician Method Man
Method Man stars in the lead role of a mortician whose life is changed all of a sudden when his morgue receives the body of a dead woman that cause memories from his past to surface. In the next couple of days, he finds the deceased woman’s son in hiding in his morgue from his father who wants to kill him.

The Mortician 3D – Trailer

1. How High – 2001 [Best Movie of Method Man]

Best Movie of Method Man - How High
Best Movie of Method Man – How High
This film revolves stars Method Man as Silas and Redman as Jamal, two guys who make the decision to get high on something magical, as a result of which they are able to excel in their college entrance exam. Eventually, they wind up in Harvard, with the Ivy League world surround them. Despite the change in environment, they continue having fun until they run out of the magical substance they had been smoking.

Redman & Method Man – How High

Whether he is regarded as a better actor or hip hop artist, considering that he acted in plenty of movies, so his fans should consider watching the above top 10 most famous method man movies.