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Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World

A large biodiversity of animals, birds, and plants is found on our planet, Earth. Amazingly God hasn’t made any two species look exactly same. If we take the example of animals, these vary from specie to specie. Some are wild animals, while others are known for their huge and heavy bodies. Even some of the animals are extremely slow-moving, which might be because of their weak legs or other natural processes. A group of animals, on the other hand, is extremely fast—which means they run fast, eat fast, and do the rest of life’s things faster than the other group of animals. Let us today check out the list of top 10 fastest animals in the world.

10. Ostrich – 80 km/h

Common ostrich (famous with the name of Struthio camelus) is an animal of Africa. This is the only member of the Genus. We use the features of ostrich for decoration and dusting. Many of the dusting materials are formed with its features, this is why, this animal’s features are regarded as “Feather Dusters”. It runs at an approximate speed of 80 km/h. Many of us call ostrich an animal, while others believe it to be a bird.
Fastest Animals in the World

9. Anna’s Hummingbird – 98 km/h

Anna’s hummingbird is also known as Calypte anna. It is medium-sized stocky specie and lives in Australia and North America. This tiny creature has an iridescent, bronze-green back, a pale grey chest and belly, and green flanks. It carries long bill, which is too straight to help it get the food easily. The animal is capable to move up to 385 body lengths per second, which is approximately 27.3 meters per second (98 km/h).
Fastest Animals in the World

8. Sailfish – 110 km/h

Starfish (sea star) is a star-shaped marine invertebrate. Remember that it is not fish because it doesn’t have characters found in fish i.e., gills, fins etc. Sailfish is present in oceans at a depth of about 6,000m. The upper side of its body has thousands of spines which look smooth. The starfish is capable to move at an average 110 km/h (1.83 km per minute).
Fastest Animals in the World

7. Cheetah – 113 km/h

The Cheetah (also called Acinonyx jubatus) is an animal of Iran, India, Pakistan, and several other Asian countries. This animal can also run faster than any other land animals. The approximate speed of its running is 113 km/h. The body of this wild animal is designed in a way that it doesn’t make it feel burden while running that fast after its prey.
Fastest Animals in the World

6. Free-Tailed Bat – 120 km/h

Free-tailed bat is Mexico-based specie and is also known as Tadarida brasiliensis. Its body is grey, brown, and/or black. It also has long and narrow wings. The bats are insectivorous, and catch their food by running faster, at an approximate speed of 120 km/h.
Fastest Animals in the World

5. Black Marlin – 130 km/h

The black marlin (Istiompax indica) belongs to family of Marlin. It is one of the largest marlins and bony fish. It is present in tropical and subtropical areas of Indian and Pacific Oceans. The approximate swimming speed of black marlin is 130 km/h.
Fastest Animals in the World

4. Frigatebird – 153 km/h

Frigatebird belongs to genus Fregata. Sometimes this wild natured animal/bird is regarded as man of war birds. It has long wings, tail, and bill. The male frigatebirds carry red pouch. It has the ability of diving slowly but can run faster at the rate of 153 km/h. Frigatebirds are pelagic piscivores and obtain their food on the wings.
Fastest Animals in the World

3. Eurasian Hobby – 160 km/h

The Eurasian Hobby (also known as Falco subbuteo) is a tiny looking slim animal. Its tail and wings are of slate grey color with un-streaked white throat. The other body parts of this animal are whitish black. It has the capacity of traveling long distances at very high speed. This animal can travel at around 160 km/h speed and spends its life’s winters in Asian countries.
Fastest Animals in the World

2. White Throated Needle Tail – 171 km/h

The spine-tailed swift (also known as Apus apus) if from the family of aerial birds. It has no feet and runs extremely fast. Can you believe so? Well, the fact is that its features are extremely powerful, making it possible for the specie to take long flights at the speed of 171 km/h. It is found mostly in desert areas and oceanic islands.
Fastest Animals in the World

1. Peregrine Falcon – 389 km/h

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrines) is another animal/bird that belongs to North America. It has blue-grey back, under parts are barred white, head is black. Overall it is a great and appealing looking specie. Besides this, Peregrine Falcon has the ability to run and fly at top speed of 389 km/h. Also it can dive at 322 km/h for hunting the prey.
Fastest Animals in the World

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