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Top 10 Female Fitness Models in the World

Staying healthy and fit has had been one of the major and most desirable dreams of every individual. But what usually happens is that we don’t get much time for exercising and physical activities. Still countless individuals, especially the females are quite fitness conscious and to stay in shape they do a lot of exercises and adopt various dieting plans. If you are truly in love with a female fitness model then that’s quite natural because these hot babies are definitely the sparkling divas of the world. So let’s check out who are the top 10 female fitness models in the world.

10. Kelly Gonzalez:

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly Gonzalez is a hot and active female fitness model. She is a truly accomplished beauty who started her career at the very early age. Kelly works really hard to keep up the level of her fitness and popularity and this is what has made her a world known hot diva.

9. Laura Harris:

Laura Harris

Laura Harris is yet another wonderful and truly admirable fitness model. Laura does lots of exercises every day just to keep her body in shape. Not only this but also she appears in different fitness shows especially the morning shows in which she teaches the viewers different yoga and exercising forms.

8. Jennifer Buckles:

Jennifer Buckles

Jennifer Buckles has offered various fitness and diet plans for her fans. Her focus has had always been on making the people especially the females know how to reduce more than 40 pounds without troubling too much to themselves. But to make it happen, you have to be concentrated on what kind of fitness plans and exercising ideas Jennifer teaches us.

7. Jennifer Nicole Lee:

Fitness Models

Jennifer Nicole Lee initiated her career as an author and actress. But soon she turned her motive towards the fitness world and started focusing on the websites and programs in which she can teach the obese people how to reduce 70 pounds in two to three months. Obviously, this is quite hard and for us to have positive results, we’ll have to follow the tips of Jennifer.

6. Mary Castro:

Mary Castro

Mary has been been gifted with a great height and wonderful personality. She is not only a fit and active beauty but also a super model and successful anchor as well. Mary teaches different fitness lessons and diet plans in her television shows, broadcasted in Irish, French, Spanish and Mexican languages.

5. Nicole Moneer Guerrero:

Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicole Moneer is a 39 years old amazing and highly appreciable fitness model. She has appeared in dozens of magazines and brought her fitness ideas to the world, for example FLEX, MuscleMag, Fitness Rx and so on. Nicole has also won the IFBB Pro card due to her super hot appearance and sexy body shape.

4. Jelena Abbou:

Fitness Models

Jelena is one of the fitness models who strive more and more to keep up the level of their graph and physical fitness. She is a Sebian-born hot beauty. Jelena’s name is taken as the successful lady who remained on the cover page of different fitness magazines for many weeks, like Oxygen, FLEX and Muscle & Fitness Hers.

3. Kiana Tom:

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom is a hot and bold fitness model. She has had been a television anchor and author as well. Kiana loves to spend most of her time at the gym and her fitness habits made this lady succeed in US Sports Academy Awards.

2. Dianna Dahlgren:

Dianna Dahlgren

Dianna is also known with the name of Miss Supercross Dianna, she is truly a very bold and sexy model. She likes to promote her name as a fitness instructor and arranges fitness classes at local level. She rides motorcycle and swim for many hours every day just to keep her body in shape.

1. Cori Nadine:

Cori Nadine

Hands-up for Cori’s fitness tips and suggestions. Her name is at the first in the list of top 10 female fitness models in the world just because Cori deserves to be the topper. She is the very first lady who gave us the idea of strengthening the muscles naturally. Also she urges her fans and follows to do abs and yoga every day if they really want to live healthy and active lives.