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Top 10 Finest Reality TV Programs Ever

The reality shows are a kind of daily/weekly soaps, but all of them own their own distinctive storylines and themes. An interesting part of the reality shows is that there are so many challenges the participants have to face in order to win a grand prize. Here is the list of top 10 finest reality tv programs ever.

10. Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Who doesn’t love this amazing reality tv shows. It showcases a female celebrity dating a famous rapper. The killer look of Kim Kardashian in this show is what made the people crazy. This is, no doubt, one of the finest reality tv shows ever. It has focused much on Kardashian’s private life and the Jenner family. The show has already aired eight seasons.

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Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

9. Dancing With The Stars

The Dancing With The Stars is a highly inspiring reality tv program. This British show has been distributed by BBC. Various versions of this show have been aired by more than 15 countries, but the original Dancing With The Stars has absolutely no alternate. The show has celebrity pairs who perform to win the heart of audience and the judges.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

8. Big Brother

The Big Brother was touted to be a game changer in the world of reality shows. This television show showcases the singers and dancers from all corners of the world. They are here to show off their singing and dancing skills and become the topper(s). The show has been judged and hosted by several celebrities. The original version of the show was incepted in Netherlands, but its UK version is said to have gotten much more popularity.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

7. The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is another amazing reality tv show. In this program, the overweight people participate and shed their weight for winning the cash prize. The concept of this show has been just great. It was started in America in 2004 and now has different versions across the globe. This is a highly entertaining show of all time.

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Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

6. The X Factor

The X Factor founded popular British band “One Direction”. The show was created by Simon Cowell and originated in UK. Initially, it was touted for being a replacement of another reality tv program named Pop Idol. But gradually, it got succeeded in making its distinctive position in the hearts of audience. The show has been generated by more than 20 countries the world over for being immensely popular.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

5. The Voice

The Voice has been all about authentic singing talents. The format of this show has been simple yet very interesting. It was started with an aim to bring forth talented singers before the world by giving them a platform to showcase their skills.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

4. American Idol

The American Idol has been an exceptional reality tv show. It has generated much revenue, and is one of the most viewed shows ever. It gave us talents like Dautry, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. This show was created by Simon Fuller and produced by 19 Entertainment. So far, its around 14 seasons have been aired.

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Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

3. Master Chef Australia

The Master Chef Australia was hosted in Australia. This show’s format is to unveil the talent of some finest chefs from all over the world. It was started in 2009, and has become the finest culinary reality show with about six seasons already aired. The show has been recreated by over 15 countries due to its too much popularity.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

2. So You Think You Can Dance

This is yet another show for those who love dancing. The So You Think You Can Dance stages some of the biggest dancers across the globe. It was produced by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe in 2005. This has been a top notch show due to its unique theme and format. The entire competition is divided into three parts: initial open auditions, callbacks/finalist selection, and finals/live performance shows.

Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

1. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette

The Bachelor / Bachelorette is a wonderful reality tv show. It is all about handsome bachelors and pretty bachelorettes who participate in it to find their perfect life partners. A lot of challenges that aren’t too complicated make this show a worthwhile piece of entertainment. This is one of the highest rated television shows ever.

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Most Popular Reality TV Shows Ever

Which show you think is the best?