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Top 10 Foods that Make You Fart

Too much eating and excessive intake of fatty foods are the most common reasons of acidity. We should try our best to change our eating habits and give preference to the foods and drinks which are health friendly. Sometimes your chosen eatables are not much effective for quenching your thirst, they instead make you feel irritated. So let us check out which are the top 10 foods that make you fart.

10. Milk and Dairy Products:

Foods that Make You Fart

Milk, yogurt and dairy products contain lactose. It is difficult for our stomach to digest this nutrient especially when the stomach is weak. We should avoid eating cheese, ice-cream and other dairy products to much extent to avoid any health complications especially fart.

9. Beans:

Foods that Make You Fart

Beans are called to be the diet creating bloating and gas. If you make beans a part of every day diet especially the salad the stop using this diet. It is difficult to digest because it contains raffinose.

8. Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks:

Foods that Make You Fart

Fart is also caused due to soft drinks and energy drinks. Those who use such drinks excessively should change their habit. Such drinks contain carbon dioxide and fructose contents which are not good for health.

7. Chewing Gums:

Foods that Make You Fart

If you are one of the individuals who love to chew gums, then I am sure acidity problem will be common I you. Chewing gums and swallowing of their juice weaken the function of our digestive system. Might be the gum will be ingested and create problem for your intestine, so better to stop using it.

6. Too much Grains:

Foods that Make You Fart

We know grains to be health friendly diets. But those who suffer from fart shouldn’t use these diets. The whole grains contain fibers which are known to disturb your digestive system. You can use grains but not excessively and not every day.

5. Artificial Fruit-juices:

Foods that Make You Fart

The artificial fruit juices found in packed forms is not at all good. Make sure you drink natural and fresh juice, and avoid those packets which have been artificially preserved because they cause fart and acidity.

4. Meat:

Foods that Make You Fart

Meat is one of the protein-rich diets which cause fart. You should not disturb your stomach with too much meat. Any form of this eatable is harmful, such as meat balls, sticks, meat in fast foods or anything. One has to avoid it because the protein and sulfur of meat can disturb your stomach’s functionality.

3. Fruits containing Sorbitol:

Foods that Make You Fart

Some fruits contain sugar known as sorbitol. This ingredient is not good for health. You have to make yourself familiar with the fruits which contain serbitol so that a balance can be maintained. It doesn’t mean you should stop using those fruits, but their excessive use is not good.

2. Vegetables containing Starch:

Foods that Make You Fart

The vegetables and foods containing starch should be avoided. Try to avoid corns and potatoes which have excessive carbohydrates. Such eatables will ruin your stomach’s function and can make you feel trouble.

1. High-Fructose Corn Syrup:

Foods that Make You Fart

It is a form of sweetener which is present in different foods like chocolates and cereals. Those who are suffering from fart, should stop using such eatables. You can instead give preference to health-friendly diets which don’t contain fructose in high amount.

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