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Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

While some foods can increase your libido and give your sex life a real boost, others can have exactly the opposite effect – this is why it is extremely important to adjust your diet accordingly. Here are the top 10 foods that are known to decrease libido in men and to wreak havoc on their sex life:

Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

10. Sugar And Products That Contain Sugar

People are no longer unaware of the dangers of sugar, but in addition to causing weight gain, high sugar consumption is also linked to decreased testosterone production, which can be particularly bothersome for men with active sexual lives.

9. Some Cereals

It is a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it will give your metabolism the kick start it needs to function the entire day. However, if you do not give your body all the nutrients it needs, then you will feel very tired and constantly hungry throughout the day. It is important to avoid corn flakes for breakfast, as this can lower a man’s sex drive before he even knows it!

8. Liquorice

We have all tries this sugary plant, as it is present in tens of sweets and sugary goodies these days, but liquorice contains phytoestrogens as well, just like soy. Having said that, you might want to change your sweets or your herbal tea, if you have been consuming mint or liquorice tea until now.

7. Processed And Pre-Baked Products

Nowadays, you can find tens of deliciously-looking muffins and other sugary goods in the local supermarket, but if you care about your sex life and your overall health, you should avoid trans fats at all costs. These are processed baked goods that, just like mint, interfere with the production of testosterone.

6. Fatty Cheeseburgers

When we hear “cheeseburgers”, the first thing that comes into our mind is that just like any other fatty food, cheeseburgers also wreak havoc on our waistline and they clog our arteries. However, little do we know that increased long-term consumption of cheeseburgers that are high in fat can lower your sex drive as well!
Fatty Cheeseburgers

5. Dairy Products

Some dairy products that you can find at the supermarket (cheese especially) also contain artificial hormones that cause hormonal imbalances, along with a variety of toxins that may interfere with your testosterone levels. Not only will this cause men to experience sexual dysfunctions, but it can also impact their health in the long run.

4. Certain Types Of Crackers

Who does not like some good crackers and cheese every once in a while? However, if you are a man and you care about your sex life, you might want to lower your intake of graham crackers, as they can lower your sex drive due to the high amounts of refined carbohydrates, which interfere with the natural production of testosterone.

3. Read Meat

Read meat is known to wreak havoc on your health if you consume too much, but the real problem when it comes to red meat and low libido is not the high amount of fat, but the fact that nowadays most meats are injected with synthetic hormones which can trigger severe hormonal imbalances in your body.

2. Soy And Soy Products

Soy milk or tofu can also lower your libido, given the fact that these soy-based products are very rich in phytoestrogens, which are natural estrogens and they act exactly as the ones that occur naturally in women. However, when men consume phytoestrogens, this can not only lower their sex drive but it also lowers the sperm count, which means that if you plan to become a father soon, you might find it hard to do it if you consume soy on a regular basis. In spite of being very healthy (soy is very rich in proteins and vitamins), you must be careful with it!

1. Mints

No matter if you consume mints as we know them or you eat foods that contain mint, it is important to understand that menthol can lower the natural production of testosterone. Also referred to as the “male hormone”, testosterone is found both in men and in women, although in men it is found in considerably higher amounts. Testosterone is directly connected to the sex drive – the more testosterone you have, the higher the libido. If you want to protect your sex life, lower your consumption of menthol.

Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

In conclusion, these are 10 foods that may be ruining your sex life. If possible please try to avoid all of these 10 foods as you can.