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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in USA in 2014

Obtaining a job of desire has always been a dream of every individual. None of us can survive or meet the expenditures without doing sorts of jobs or businesses. With the passage of time, the world of internet has given us the opportunities to do home-based businesses. Whether you name a freelancing to be a job or a business, it always benefits you anyhow.

Doctors - Highest Paid Jobs
Doctors – Highest Paid Jobs

The citizens of USA are to work hard and hard to compete with the challenges of the world and enlist their name as the successful and powerful persons of the country. There are so many jobs they can do for earning their livelihood, but the following top 10 highest paid jobs in USA in 2014 have their distinctive spark and thus are preferred highly.

10. Web Development and Designing:


The web developers and designers and graphic designers are in high demand. The current era is of technology and internet, that is why the skilled individuals of USA can easily find various web designing jobs at either in some country-based companies or at the online marketplaces. A highly skilled and professional web developer or graphic designer can earn USD500 to USD1000 per month easily.

9. Electrical Engineering:


The role of an electrical engineer is to strengthen the industry, which is why they electrical engineers are in high demand in different parts of USA. Especially these people have high scope in the organizations, government firms and international companies. In addition to that they should possess a degree, their practical skills also matter. Such individuals are making USD1000 to USD1500 per month from their jobs in different USA organizations.

8. IT Professionals:


Just like web designers and developers, IT professionals are in great demand. Every organization, whether small or large, need to have its online database and website, for the maintenance of which an IT professional is always needed. Thus such a skilled person can make USD1500 to USD1700 per month depending upon their working capacity.

7. Nursing Job:


Before you think of becoming a nurse in USA, you’ll have to show good academic scores and highest level of practical skills. Treating the patients in a hospital and curing them is not a cup of tea, this is why USA government is always concerned about their healthcare professionals and their skills. Only you can adopt nursing as a lifetime profession if you have the skills and can do everything to serve your healthcare center honestly. The nurses are currently making USD1800 to USD2000 per month, depending upon which healthcare center they are serving at.

6. Writers and Bloggers:


Writing is an awesome and high paying job you can even do at home. But USA companies and IT organizations have the scope for the in-house writers and bloggers. In addition to this, you can do this job at the various online marketplaces, and can make about USD2000 per month.

5. Accountants:


The accountants are the persons who manage the files, data and records of a company. They, thus, act like the backbone in the success of a company and when it comes to USA companies and organizations, an accountant is must to be needed there. These individuals can make USD2000 to USD2200 monthly from their dedicated and effortless services.

4. Tourist Guides:


America is a nation where a lot of international tourists come and spend time at. It is not that all of them will be familiar with the ways and buildings of an American city, this is why the assistance of a tourist guide is always needed. Becoming a tourist guide in USA means you are to know everything about the country and guide your guests appropriately, thus can have the chance of making USD2300 or even more per month from your clients.

3. Civil Engineering:


Civil engineers are always very demanding in USA. These are the people who play their vital role in the constructions of buildings, markets, pulls and housing colonies. The USA population is increasing day by day, so as the demand of civil engineers in the construction companies. So becoming a civil engineer means you’ll be able to make USD2500 per month from your job.

2. Hosting and Domain Services:


Already there are various hosting and domain service companies operating in Europe, Canada, America and different other countries. But getting a job in a hosting and domain service company of USA will make you earn a lot (USD2600 to USD2800/month). So make sure you have enough computer knowledge and programming skills and your resume is shining to grasp the eyes of the employers.

1. Doctors:


Hold an MBBS degree? Great if it is so because in USA the doctors and health experts are always needed by the hospitals and private clinics. The profession of doctor is not only a way for you to serve the sick human beings and help them get back to normal and healthy lives, but also it can benefit you to make USD3000 to USD3500 per month quite easily. This is why the doctors in USA are said to be financially and economically strong individuals.