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Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in 2014

Choice of the profession is the first and foremost priority of the students these days. They want to know which is the best profession for them and which profession is paying more these days. It is also true that it is the world of the IT but besides this fact there are some other fields which are paying enough to the employees. Here is the list of top 10 highest paying education degrees in 2014.

10. Mechanical Engineering:


It is truly one of the best and the highest paying professions in the world. The average starting salary for the mechanical engineer is about USD55,000. This profession will definitely help you earn a lot from your career.

9. Electrical Engineering:


Electrical engineers have a great scope in the field. They are paid well in all parts of the world. The energy is the back bone of the every industry and everything these days. The electrical engineering is paying at the start about USD57,000.

8. General Engineering:


The unemployment rate of this engineering is lesser than the other engineering degrees. The salary is about USD58,000 on the start, which keeps on increasing depending upon the working capacities and skills of the engineers.

7. Civil Engineering:


Civil engineering deals with the construction and building. Civil engineers are always precious assets of a society. These days the civil engineers are also getting a lot in the form of the salary.

6. Computer Science:


It is the age of IT and it is also among the top paying professions. The degree in the computer sciences is also so worthy. The people who owned this degree are earning a lot these days. They are making their living so handsome. The starting pay for the persons having the degree in the computer science starts with the salary of about 62 thousand dollars.

5. Nursing:


Nursing is considered as the best profession for the women and the girls and it is also doubtless that it is also the best profession in the payment. The jobless nursing degree holder women are so much less as the other degree holder people. Only 4 percent of the people who hold the degree of the nursing are jobless. Majority of the Nursing degree holders start their job with the healthy income of USD65000.

4. Economic Specialists:


Economic degree holders are mostly earning a lot but some of them are also unemployed. The average starting salary in the economics sector is about USD68000.

3. Finance:


A degree in finance is also worthy in payment. The starting salary in the finance sectors is about USD69000 and the unemployment rate of the finance degree holders is lesser as compared to the other degree holders. It is about 6 percent.

2. Accounting:


Accounting is paying about USD73000 and the unemployment rate is about 6.3 percent. The profession of accounting is somewhat difficult for the people, the students however still love to adopt it. The scope of accounting is very much hot these days. Every small or large company, office and business will need the services of an accountant, this is why this profession can be quite fruitful for you.

1. Information System:


Although the information system is the highest paying profession but it also a greater number of the unemployed degree holders. Its starting salary is about the 75 thousand dollars but the unemployment rate till now has been recorded is not more than 2 percent.

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