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Top 10 Highest Rated E-Books on Online Store

If you are looking around for something to read, you already know that searching for the right e-book can be a challenge. There are millions of books to choose from. There are books by famous authors and e-books that were written by amateur authors who hope to make a name for themselves, true stories and complete fiction. If you are tired of the endless online store e-book search, perhaps you should consider one of the top 10 highest rated e-books on Online Store.

Highest Rated E-Books on Online Store
Top 10 Highest Rated E-Books on Online Store

10. Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

E-Book - Heaven is for Real
E-Book – Heaven is for Real

This e-book can also be purchased as a hardcover print as well as other types of files. It is 206 pages long. It is the story of a young 4-year-old who had to have an emergency appendectomy. When he woke, he told a story about leaving his body during the operation. He could tell his parents what they were doing in another area of the hospital, describe people who had died within the family long before he was born, the angels he met, and more.

9. The Husband’s Secret

The Husband's Secret
The Husband’s Secret

This 417 page e-book is available through kindle, print, and audio books. The author is Liane Moriarty. It is the story of three women who each strive to get through life. One seeks perfection in her life and finds out that her life is further from perfect than she could have ever imagined. Another woman learns her husband is cheating on her with her cousin. The third wants to prove who killed her daughter nearly 30 years ago. It is a very thought provoking novel that you will be sure to enjoy reading.

8. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

E-Book - Unbroken
E-Book – Unbroken

This is the story of Louie, a hell raiser and Olympic competitor who sacrificed the Olympics to join the battle of World War II. He joined the army air corps and became a bombardier, stationed on Oahu. His existence from there was harrowing at best once the plane that he was on crash landed into the ocean. He and two others were left alive and floating in the Pacific for weeks fending off several attacks from various things. When they believed they had reached safety at last, it was instead a Japanese military boat that they found instead. It is a 497 page e-book by Laura Hillenbrand that will leave you in awe of all that Louie has survived.

7. The Book Thief

The Book Thief
The Book Thief

Nazi Germany is the setting of this 578 page book where a foster girl who lives outside of Munch, along with her new foster family and she learns to escape from the bad stuff by reading her beloved books. Books which she must steal. These books relieve the pain of losing everything she has known in her life so far and allows her to share with others while the bombs fall down over their heads. The Book Thief is one of the highest rated e-books on online store as well.

6. The Goldfinch: A Novel

The Goldfinch - A Novel
The Goldfinch – A Novel

Donna Tartt gives readers 755 pages of fiction that connects the heart and mind of its readers. It is the story of a 13-year-old boy who, upon the accidental death of his mother, must face abandonment by his father, a new life on Park Avenue, and a lack of friends while grieving. He becomes captivated by a painting and it draws him into the underworld of art. As he grows into adulthood, he works within an antique store and discovers danger that he could never have foreseen.

5. Divergent Series Books

Divergent Series Books
Divergent Series Books

Divergent is a series of three books, with another on the way. It is a gripping story of another world that is transformed by courage, love, and self-sacrifice. The first book poses the question; will the main character Beatrice stay with her Abnegation family? It also has another character named Tris who has a secret that she must keep hidden. This story has become a movie.

4. The Hunger Games Books

The Hunger Games Books
The Hunger Games Books

This trilogy of books tells the story of Panem, which was once known as North America. Panem is a harsh place filled with cruel people who force each of its twelve surrounding districts to send a boy and a girl to it where they will become a part of the annual “Hunger Games” where they must all fight to the death on a TV show. The world knows the story of Katniss Everdeen. If you have not read the books, you have most likely watched the movies.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Books

Fifty Shades of Grey Books
Fifty Shades of Grey Books

This erotic novel series tells the story of Anastasia Steele going to interview Christian Grey, a man she becomes fascinated by and someone that she cannot seem to get close enough to. He is unable to resist her as well, but he wants her on his terms. He is controlling in all aspects of his life. Their intimate moments are no different. Together they explore each other’s deepest and darkest desires.

2. Gone Girl: A Novel

E-Book - Gone Girl - A Novel
E-Book – Gone Girl – A Novel

This 578 page book, written by Gillian Flynn, is an irresistible thriller that comes with a twisting plot that will leave you hooked and unable to put your book down. In it, a young couple are enjoying their fifth wedding anniversary when the wife disappears. Of course, he is the obvious suspect in her disappearance. He is evasive, bitter, and spreads and endless series of lies and deceits, but this may not mean that he is the one who did his wife wrong.

1. The Fault in Our Stars

E-Book - The Fault in Our Stars
E-Book – The Fault in Our Stars

This book is unafraid to tackle the tough stuff. It is the story of Hazel, a 16-year-old who is dealing with terminal cancer. She meets Augustus and together they fall in love while dealing with the impossible situation that they are faced with. Together, they worry about whether they will be remembered and whether their life will hold meaning after they are gone. Over 32,000 online readers have given it a 4.5 overall rating. What will you rate it?

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