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Top 10 Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels in 2014-15

Most of the news channels, nowadays, want to become dominating. To be more accessive for the users, these channels have started online broadcasting as well. Some of then even have satellite cables that get connected to almost every corner of the world. In this way, these channels can be viewed by the people of every age group, regardless of where they are living. Let us check out the list of top 10 most highly rated bulletin channels in 2014-15.

10. Time Warner Cable

This channel is aired in more than 29 countries worldwide. It is one of the largest cable network service providers of America. Alone in USA, it serves over 66 million people. It is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan but they have their stations in Stamford, Herndon and Charlotte cities as well. The Cable News department was previously operated by the parent company, Time Warner Inc., and they are highly ranked to function independently.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

9. Aljazeera English

This channel is owned and sponsored by House of Thani’s Network. Its objective is to raise the voice against terrorism in the country. Aljazeera English also promotes the information about untold stories. It is headquartered in Qatar and broadcasts documentaries, current affairs, technology, sports and live debates via high-definition TV network.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels


VOA Television is known to broadcast its programs in over 40 languages on television, radio, and internet. It has approximately 121 million viewers worldwide, and is known to produce around 1,500hrs of bulletin and feature TV programs weekly. They do their best to make the reports informative, and well-balanced.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

7. Sky News

Sky News is United Kingdom’s multimedia news channel that provides continuous bulletins through television, mobile phones, radio, and online streaming. They focus much on breaking news, and the happenings in all corners of th world. Sky News has expanded its portfolio into digital operations for mobile app users. The channel also provides news feeds for search engine sites like Yahoo.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

6. Fox News Channel

Fox News is a subsidiary of 21st Century Entertainment. According to stats, this channel is viewed by over 95 million Americans other than its audience from other parts of the world. Fox News Channel (FNC), also known as Fox News, is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel. Its mainly focuses on breaking news, and conservative political ideologies.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

5. ESP News

ESP News is another great television channel. It is owned by Walt Disney Company. It is, according to an estimate, controlling 80% stakes, and Hearst Corporation 20%. The channel is being offered on digital tier platform within America. It is watched by over 70 million Americans, and 20 billion viewers in other parts of the world.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

4. CCTV News

It was previously referred to as CCTV-9. This channel is known to offer 24/7 bulletin feeds in English language. It also broadcastes various other programs like commentary programs, feature presentations and in-depth reports. CCTV has a free satellite signal that is streamed by more than 80 million individuals worldwide, and the channel is spanned in over 80 countries.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

3. BBC News

BBC News is an authorized new channel. It has gotten authorization by the UK Royal Charter. The channel operates independently from the government and generates around 120hrs of television and internet-based coverage on a daily basis. It has 44 foreign departments and reports in all big countries of the world, with regional offices in London, Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

2. HBO

HBO station owned by the Home Box Office Company-a subsidiary of Time Warner. It is one of the most ancient cable television services. The channel started its operation on November 8, 1972. Its programs include Hollywood movies, theatrical motion pictures, documentaries, and original drama series. HBO has its offices in Singapore, and other parts of the world.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

1. CNN International

CNN International was started in 1980 by a US media proprietor known as Ted Turner. Nowadays, it is one of the strongest news channels in the world, providing 24/7 news coverage, both in America and other parts of the world. The channel has more than 4 million households across America, and intends to extend its services in over 130 countries.

Most Highly Rated Bulletin Channels

Which channel you love to watch?