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Top 10 Honey Producing Countries

In September every year, we celebrate National Honey Month. The purpose of this celebration is to heads-off the honey-bees for their efforts of producing mouth-watering honey. Who don’t like honey, definitely all of us love to make it a part of our diets. Some people love to enjoy honey in their breakfasts, while the others take it as an alternate of sugar and insert into their drinks especially milk. It has now been proven that honey is a health-friendly ingredient and is widely used in various medicines. The following top 10 honey producing countries in the world are highly appreciated for producing millions of tons of honey annually.

10 honey producing countries

honey producing

10. Pakistan:

honey production in Pakistan
Pakistan, regardless of its poor economical and financial situations, is still a country producing large quantities of honey every year. Here the honey suppliers use artificial ways to maximize the annual honey production.

9. China:

China honey
Honey is a widely used ingredient in the Chinese medicines. Also the people here love to enjoy it as an an ingredient of daily life. China produces honey which is especially ideal for medicines’ preparation. The honey produced here is said to be used in preparation of various medicines and bakery items due to its rich nutrients.

8. Italy:

Italy honey production at backward
About 20 % people of Italy live in villages and backward areas. They are involved in either agriculture or honey-production units. The honey produced in Italy is absolutely pure and has no harmful chemicals included, so it is quite good for health.

7. India:

India Honey
India is a neighboring country of Pakistan, so it also is ranked high as a nation producing top quality natural honey. The sources used in India are absolutely nature-friendly and the suppliers try to cultivate more and more lands for this purpose.

6. Egypt:

Egypt Honey
More than 120 different honey-bee species are present in the forests of Egypt. The suppliers obtain the honey-bees and cultivate them in the artificially made lands where they live like own homes and produce large quantities of honey every month.

5. Japan:

Japan honey production
Japan is not behind the race of progress and development than any other nation. The honeybees cultivated in this country are said to be healthy enough and capable to produce even more than what an average group of honeybees can produce.

4. Spain:

honey production in Spain
Spain has enough lands cultivated for agriculture and honey production purposes. Both natural and artificial mediums are used for producing tons of honey every month. The honey of Spain is largely exported to different parts of the world.

3. USA:

USA honey production
Honey cropping is both a habit and business for the people of USA. More than 200 types of honey are produced, having their distinctive tastes and health advantages.

2. South Africa:

South Africa produce top quality honey
The government of South Africa pays special attention to produce top quality honey and export it on a large scale annually. Over 140 honey production units are operating in different cities and villages of South Africa nowadays.

1. Turkey:

Turkey - top honey producer
According to an estimate, Turkish suppliers are cultivating more and more lands to fulfill the maximum demands of honey on global level. This country is top ranked as it is estimated that it produces more than 60 % honey of the total annual consumption.

10 Honey Producing Countries