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Top 10 Hottest Celebs with Daddy Issues

The importance of father in one’s life cannot be ignored. Not only the boys but also girls need support, affection, and kind treatment of parents throughout their life. Fathers protect the family from the harms, and try to grow the children up in a peaceful and amazing environment. Here we have shared the list of top 10 hottest celebs with daddy issues. Hottest Celebs with Daddy Issues

10. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is known to have worst parents in Hollywood ever. Her father Michael has been found gossiping to the media about his daughter. During episode 2 of Lindsay’s docuseries for OWN, Lindsay discussed that her father is making her life hell. In many points of her life, she is made feel tired due to the abrupt behavior of her father.

Lindsay Lohan

9. Brooke Hogan

Father and daughter Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan have long been known to behave inappropriately with each other. In 2008, paparazzi captured the former singer being rubbed down with sun tan lotion by her famous father. Brooke Hogan has told to media that the father has crossed all of the limits.

Brooke Hogan

8. Adele

Someone Like You singer, Adele is famous to have a daddy who creates problems. Father of Adele, Mark Evans, reportedly walked out on her mother when she was an infant. He used to beat the mom and Adele. That’s too sad. She said about him that she cannot believe that a father can be so rude and bad.


7. Bijou Philips

Bijou Phillips is the daughter of rock group Mamas and Papas founder, John Philips. She was of 13 when she was given the news of the relationship between her older sister Mackenzie, and her father. This was certainly a big shock for Bijou. Many times in life, Bijou’s father created problems in her professional and personal life.

Bijou Phillips

6. Ariana Grande

In 2014, Ariana Grande opened up that her father’s treatment with the family members isn’t good. The singer said that it took her much time to get out of so many situations when her father went harsh with her. He even has reportedly misbehaved many times with Ariana’s boyfriend.

Ariana Grande

5. Beyonce

Beyonce is another famous celeb with weird dad. The superstar fired her father as manager a few years back and wanted the split to appear as amicable to the public as possible. Beyonce told to media that her father has always made her feel embarrassed. On top of all, her father has accused her for doing hot scenes in movies.


4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has long enjoyed successful career as an actress. The producer, director, writer, and of course richest actress of Hollywood, Angelina has revealed that her father was in relationship with various women during the time her mother was ill. The actress also said that her father has made her suffer many times,

Angelina Jolie

3. Halle Berry

Movie star and beauty queen Halle Berry seems to always go wrong when it comes to choose the right men. The X-Men star has experienced numerous tumultuous relationships within the public eye, many of them have been physical while others were emotional. Talking about her father, Halle has weird daddy who used to mimic her, and tried to make her life a big hell more than one time.

Halle Berry

2. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been in the news in the last few years, thanks to her scrutinized relationship with 25 year old rapper, Tyga. Her father Bruce Jenner‘s abrupt behavior also made Kylie suffer. She told to media that the father tried to kill her mother many times when she was a little girl.

Kylie Jenner

1. Rihanna

Bajan Popstar Rihanna grew up watching her drug addict father, Ronald Fenty. He used to physically torture Rihanna and several other ladies. In an interview, the bold Rihanna sadi that she has witnessed her father enjoying physical relationship with several.


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