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Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2015

DJs are taken as the soul of the parties. Without them the parties look dry and boring. These days the DJs are much advanced in their work. Here in this post there are some hottest female DJs of the world are described briefly. Here are the top 10 the hottest female DJs of 2015. They belong to the different states of the world.

hottest DJ - Seherezade

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1. Seherezade:


Seherezade is a young lady who is doing her job of DJ for the last couple of years. She is one of the youngest female DJs and models. She has been also doing modeling for FHM and many other fashion shoots. She has a charming personality and a hot body that are enough to attract anyone and moreover she possesses a technical and sharp mind with which she make the parties hot and rock it with her music genre.

2. Juicy M:


Juicy M is a hot beauty of the year and  a popular DJ as well. She is a Ukraine lady who has had done various successful radio programs so far. Her hot appeal is something enough to increase her level of fame.

3. Ane Teri:


Teri also belongs to the Ukraine. She is among the hottest and prettiest DJs who walked through the globe and perform in many VIP clubs and parties. She is the most demanding and very popular female DJ due to her quite attraction and natural hot figure with the perfect way to rock the party with her ripping of music using various techniques.

4. Lisa Kensington:


Lisa Kensington is a beautiful and hot lady of New York. She is not only a DJ but she is also a model. She is a versatile artist who can make the party rocking.

5. Tenashar:


Tenashar is a beautiful young girl of the Singapore. She has an innocent face with the perfect natural expressions. She is famous for mixing the Spanish and Chinese music.

6. Rhiannon:

DJ Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a beautiful DJ of the United States of the America. She can spin the whole club with the dance just like her discs. Rhiannon’s sexy and hot appeal is always the reason behind her increased fan rate.

7. Mari Ferrari:


Mari Ferrari is the world’s the hottest and the sexiest female DJ. She is a true Russian beauty. She started her job from her homeland and now she is doing concerts all over the world. She has done many TV shows and parties and fashion shows.

8. Deborah De Luca:


Debora De Luca belongs to the Italy. She was earlier a fashion designer but somehow she moved to the DJ. Now she is doing her job and showing her ability all over the world. She has performed a number of the shows and parties.

9. Amely:


Amely is a beautiful female DJ. She originally belongs to the country of Ukraine. She is a talented artist. She is also a model. She has started her career as a DJ in 2008. And now she is standing second in the list of the hottest female DJs.

10. Tamara Sky:


Tamara Sky is a beautiful lady who the career from her motherland and homeland Miami. Her work is closely associated most often with the celebs like Kim Kardashian. She rocks the parties with her DJ ability. She mixes the music to boost up the party. She can make the party high with the boosting in the dance and hip hop.

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